Digital Water Pavilion Turns Water into Walls of Art

Digital Water Pavilion

One of the most challenging and compelling ideas in the world of architecture is that of a transforming house. That is not to say a house that changes into something completely different, like one of Michael Bay’s robots turning into a car, but a building with dynamic spaces wherein rooms can expand or divide themselves into smaller areas.

This is the idea being Spain’s Digital Water Pavilion, which uses thin curtains of water to close off areas of the pavilion to create walls. While water curtains are certainly a poor substitute for wood or brick, they do serve to properly demotivate attendants from walking through the walls.

Digital Water Pavilion Art

The resulting water walls are something closer to dynamic glass, acting as a morphing barrier between the inside and outside of the building. But of course, the terms “inside” and “outside” hardly apply to this building, because the spectacle of a water wall invites bystanders to investigate, and the ephemeral barrier acts more as an invitation than a restriction. The water wall, paradoxically, serves as a physical barrier while simultaneously inviting people to enter.

Digital Water Pavilion Designs

One of the best features of the pavilion is that the water curtains do not need to constantly serve as a wall. They can create patterns and shapes, transforming the entire structure into an inverted fountain or a stunning piece of modern art.

Spain's Digital Water Pavilion

The Digital Water Pavilion is truly an amazing design, seamlessly incorporating art, fountains, and public architecture into a unique structure that is sure to halt any passer-by in his tracks. The only real downside to visiting the pavilion is that you are likely to get wet, but with a building that is more like a playground or art show than a rest stop, who’s to say that’s a bad thing?


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