Netherlands Glass House Gives "Waterfront Property" a New Meaning

The Watervilla

Lakeside real estate tends to come at a premium due largely to the impressive view.  The Watervilla Kortenhoef, located in the Netherlands, offers residents a panoramic view of the lakefront, as nearly every square foot of the exterior walls are glass. This ceiling-to-floor glass wall design, paired with the fact that the floor is mere inches from the surface of the water, gives inhabitants an impressive view of the water from anywhere in the house. The modern design features stairs to a rooftop terrace where the view is undoubtedly even more impressive.

Perhaps the best feature of the structure is that the basement level rests beneath the surface of the water. This submarine level holds the bathrooms and bedrooms. After all, in a house made of glass, hiding the bedrooms underwater is the only sure way to get any privacy. The submarine rooms have glass panels on the floors to offer more up-close-and-personal view of the water.

Inside the Watervilla

While an underwater bedroom is interesting enough to make most homeowners envious, the bottom level of the structure might suffer from being relatively dark and gloomy, with little to no natural sunlight. Even with portcullis windows offering a view to the outside, bodies of water in the Netherlands are not the beautiful and clear aquamarine color common in the Caribbean. As neat as the submarine rooms are, one must wonder how good a view is that extends only a few inches into the water. The folks at Waterstudio.NL  undoubtedly created an amazing building, but their project might have worked better in a tropical climate.

The Watervilla's Modern Design is Sleek and Simple

The overall shape of the building seems to be struggling to decide if it wants to look like a chic modern building on the vanguard of style and innovation, or a trailer home. From some angles, the building is breath-taking in its simplicity and sleek design; from other angles, it looks like a parked recreational vehicle. Fortunately, the interior of the building does not suffer from this indecisiveness, featuring a clean and comfortable layout. This design, along with the stunning view of nature surrounding the building, more than makes up for any of the Watervilla’s quibbling disadvantages.

A Miniature Indoor Aquarium


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