Waterscraper Design is Revolutionary, Beautiful, and Just Plain Weird

H20 Scraper

What do you get when you cross a jellyfish, a skyscraper, and environmentalism? You get the hO2+ scraper, a waterscraper that extends into the depths of the ocean. This completely self-sufficient building design is intended to be the next step in eco-friendly architecture. Consuming no land and completely independent of terrestrial resources, the hO2+ scraper could literally float across the ocean without concern for trade or dependency on land-based nations.

From the island-like tip of the waterscraper to the jellyfish-like tentacles that drift beneath it, the entire building focuses on efficiency. A garden on the surface of the structure grows plants and livestock for the inhabitants. Wind turbines extend above the tree line to collect energy. Beneath the garden, near the surface of the water, are the living quarters. Here, inhabitants can benefit from the strong natural light without occupying the vital sundrenched platform at the top of the waterscraper.

As the structure narrows, the building becomes more focused on utility and production. Here, the hO2+ scraper processes energy, purifies water, and performs other vital functions for the inhabitants. Long weights stretch beneath that to ensure that the waterscraper always remains upright. Bioluminescent tentacles drift through the currents, attracting fauna. The movement caused by the fauna will generate power for the vessel.

HO2+ Waterscraper

We’ve seen designs for eco-friendly, low-impact housing options, but the hO2+ scraper sets the bar at a new high. Not only does it design cause zero negative impact on the environment, but it is also does not rely on production-heavy factories or urban environments to sustain it. It is the ultimate green (or in this case, blue) building.


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