Dock Design Turns Hudson River into Power Source

Hudson River Dock Design

New York is the city that never sleeps. To pull that off, the world’s most iconic metropolis needs to pump an incredible amount of electricity into the thousands of street lamps dotting the city. Engineers have developed a green solution to this problem by creating docking systems with turbines along the Hudson River.

Designed by Richard Garber and Brian Novello, these modular docks would float in the river, providing a source of high-value artificial real estate while pumping out thousands of kilowatts of power. Each of these docks hold vertically-mounted turbines on the bottom. To accommodate the modular design of the docks, the turbines are capable of generating power no matter which way the water is flowing.

Green Hudson River Docks

To top it all off and make the project even more appealing to environmentalist out there, the design incorporates green spaces and tidal pools into part of the aesthetic. These areas offer local wildlife a place to flourish while enhancing the beauty of the docks with a bit of natural foliage.

What makes these docks so great is their efficiency. They power themselves, pump extra energy into the city, promote wild life growth, look beautiful, and offer more real estate in the middle of an already overcrowded city. It pays for itself, it powers itself – all it doesn’t do is build itself.

New York Dock Design

Unfortunately, this design isn’t actually being used by New York. The city is, however, working on building hydropower systems in the East River, but these don’t have all of the extra advantages that the modular docks have.


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