Water Droplet Resort Purifies Water for Guests

Conceptual Art of the Water Droplet Resort

One commonality between many green buildings is that the architects like to flaunt to that fact. After all, if you are going through all the trouble to build an eco-friendly structure, why not go the extra mile and promote environmental conservatism with the design? That’s exactly what the design for the Water Building Resort is intended to do. Created by Orland De Urrutia, this hotel is shaped like an enormous water droplet to draw attention to the fact that it uses renewable energy methods to recycle seawater to create clean drinking water.

The southern side of the droplet faces the sun, which collects solar energy. The building’s northern face collects humid air and condenses it into fresh water. The lower levels of the facility contain a water treatment center to ensure that the water is clean and healthy.
But the Water Building Resort is more than a fancy water treatment facility. It also contains a hotel, a museum, a restaurant, a natural aquarium in the basement that looks out into the ocean from beneath the water’s surface, and a wharf. The building’s water droplet design is as much of a testament to its eco-friendly design as it is to the water-themed activities common in tropical vacation.

The Droplet Resort at Night

The Water Building Resort is an impressive way to incorporate environmentally minded values into a vacation hotspot. The classic drink for a tropical island is more likely a margarita or piña colada, but by flaunting the fact that the resort makes its own water, the designer has made the drinking water just as much as part of the appeal as the beautiful surroundings and lavish hotel rooms. The building would, in a way, make visitors excited to reap the benefits of environmentalism.  It is an interesting design philosophy, because vacation is typically the time when people pull out all of the stops and overindulge themselves. The Water Building Resort, however, encourages ecological conservatism while catering to individuals on vacation. Is the resort indulgent and wasteful, or conservative and eco-minded? It’s hard to say – maybe both.


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