Watch out for the Water Trap: A Floating Golf Course in the Maldives

Floating Golf Course Tunnel

Architects have been working hard to develop technology to allow families and even entire communities to live on self-sufficient free-floating islands. So, let’s think about that logically for a moment. Suppose that, realistically, we managed to build dozens of floating hotels and islands where people live on a regular basis. What’s the next step?

Maldives Floating Golf Course

Floating golf courses, obviously. The root problem that drives architects to create floating islands is that there just isn’t enough land. Floating islands fix that a bit by providing living locations, but inhabitants can’t exactly step outside and go for a walk in the park. We are a terrestrial species, so we need places to get out and stretch our legs from time to time. While floating golf courses might eventually become a necessity to keep floating islanders sane, right now it’s nothing more than a playground for rich vacationers.

Floating Golf Course

This floating golf course design by consists of three boomerang-shaped islands, creating the world’s most brutal water hazards. Each island is connected to the other by underwater tunnels. Golfers can walk between islands while enjoying the sight of fish swimming overhead.

This $500 million project will be more than a decadent symbol of excess. It will also be at the forefront of environmental conservation by including water desalination facilities and floating solar blanket fields. Solar blanket fields, if you were wondering, are basically blankets with solar panels sewn onto them, which get draped out in the sun to collect energy. While the golf course might be ultra-fancy, it is also ultra-green.

Maldives Sea Golf Course

A great side effect of this project is that it will encourage people to look at floating living spaces in a new light. Sure, we think floating hotels as neat, futuristic, and possibly practical, but most of us only view such structures as vacation spots or tourist attractions rather than lifetime residences. Structures like this floating golf course will encourage investors and average citizens to realize that there is more to floating houses than novelty – we could actually live on floating communities and live relatively normal, happy, and productive lives.


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