Kelp Lamps Must-Have for Aquarium Lovers

Kelp Constructs

Okeanos Aquascaping is all about fusing architecture with water, and adding a heaping dose of modern style. While aquatic architecture is usually our favorite topic, Kelp Constructs is just way too cool to pass up.

Kelp Lamps

Everybody loves the look and feel of aquariums, with their fresh, aquamarine hue to their vibrant flashes of colors. It’s almost impossible to gaze into an aquarium without wondering what it would be like to live in such a colorful and alien world.

Seaweed Lamps

Thanks to artist Julia Lohmann, we don’t have to spend quite as much brain power trying to imagine it. She has created a series of unexpectedly beautiful lamps made out of kelp. Who would have thought seaweed could look this good?

Kelp Constructs

Lohmann dries and rehydrates the kelp before working with it to keep it preserved. This process has a beneficial side effect from an artistic stand point, because this process creates a different effect every time. Because kelp is an organic plant, no two strands of kelp are uniform. Consequently, there will be slight differences in the curl, shape, flexibility, green-ness, and every other aspect of the kelp after it’s processed. Each of these hand-made lamps will be absolutely unique, as it will be literally impossible to recreate an identical lamp.

Kelp Lamps

The finished product is beautiful and strikingly organic. The stuff doesn’t look processed at all. It looks as though somebody pulled kelp directly out of the ocean, artfully stuck a light bulb into it, and then hung it from the ceiling. The light creates a unique glow as it pierces through the thin kelp, reminiscent of many of the bioluminescent creatures in the depths of the ocean.

These kelp lamps add an incredible amount of atmosphere to a room. For aquarium lovers, these lamps hold a unique appeal, as it broadens the feel and aesthetic of an aquarium to incorporate it into an actual living space. With the right furniture and appropriately blue wall paint, these kelp lamps can help create a genuine aquarium room. All we need now is an artsy swimming pool and we can really feel like we’re swimming with the fishes.


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