Floating Desalination Plants Quickly Supply Cheap Water

Floating Water Purifiers

Without question, water is our most precious resource. When draughts or natural disasters ravage a community, bottles of water are among the first things that rescue groups offer to the victims. While sending out emergency teams to help people after such disasters is indisputably helpful, this method can become extremely inefficient, especially when the troubled areas are suffering from long-term draught.

Solar Cucumber

The Solar Cucumber desalination design will fix many of these problems. These solar-powered desalination plants float in the ocean or other natural bodies of salt water. They use a combination of solar power and reverse osmosis to purify water. What makes the Solar Cucumber design revolutionary is that they can easily be installed near troubled regions. This desalination method enables communities to retrieve water from nearby sites, rather than requiring foreign aid to ship water great distances. The result will be a steady supply of water that is cheaper, faster, and greener than the current method.

Reverse Osmosis

Amazingly, the project is also helpful to the environment. The design utilizes a special non-stick surface, which drastically reduces the amount of required maintenance. Additionally, the anchors will provide a breeding ground for local aquatic wildlife and coral.

The Solar Cucumber is a great example of thinking outside of the box. Rather than figuring out ways to transport aid more efficiently, this design will enable regions to quickly install water plants that can act as a permanent source of fresh drinking water. It’s really rather surprising that devices like the Solar Cucumber aren’t already in widespread use all across the globe.


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