New Qatar Seaside Resort Design Has Murky Future

Qatar Water Resort

Dubai recently built a set of archipelagos, known as The World, as part of their incredible building boom. The project was a success – at least insofar as it was completed. Once they finished building it, things kind of started to sink. Literally. The World is slowly sinking due to rising water levels.

You couldn’t make up a better example of depressing irony if you tried.

Qatar Artificial Island

Evidently, the architects in Qatar must not have picked up a newspaper recently, because they are also trying to build a set of artificial islands for their swanky seaside resort. The whole resort, which was designed by Giancario Zema Design Group, is stabilized by an artificial island. Considering the massive failure at Dubai, that doesn’t seem like the wisest idea.

The resort is quite impressive looking, for what it’s worth. It features a land-based entry way that connects to a large hub out in the sea, with thin, sweeping rings extending outward from the hub. The inner rings host small floating houses complete with underwater viewing bubbles in the lower levels of the buildings.

Qatar Seaside Resort

Visitors to the resort will jet around on environmentally friendly yachts and electric vehicles. They really do need to make the resort as green as possible, because any extra greenhouse gas that they pump into the atmosphere is just going to accelerate the hotel’s inevitable, watery fate.

Hey, look on the bright side. When the resort does go under, they can just rename it “Atlantis” and call it a scuba attraction.


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