Barge Beach Budapest: Hungary's Floating Park

Barge Beach Budapest

After reviewing France’s new recycled barge water park, it would be unfair to ignore Hungary’s Barge Beach Budapest, a similar floating park that follows green principles and allows visitors to lounge in the sun.

Designed by Urban Landscape Group, Barge Beach Budapest is a floating pool and mobile public space that drifts along the Danube River. Much like France’s barge, this barge was constructed out of recycled materials. Rather than using shipping containers to create rooms, however, this Hungarian barge favors a much freer, open-air design. This barge is much less like a building, and more just like an enormous floating platform circled by railings.

Barge Beach Budapest at night

BBB is made out of 3 recycled barges, which previously used to carry coal and stone along the river. Now, it carries lazy summer beach bums and swimmers. While the recycled barges are a great example of green thinking, the designers of the BBB were not quite as bold as their French counterparts. The BBB pumps water from the city into the pool, rather than filtering water from the river. It seems a bit silly to go through all the trouble of recycling old barges only to increase future expenses by requiring the pool to take in water from external sources.

Ignoring for a moment just how green these barges are, these projects represent an excellent trend in aquatic architecture. Floating structures are a popular topic on this blog, and for good reason, but simple and easily accessible floating structures such as the Barge Beach Budapest are good first steps towards a future wherein floating housing is viable. If you have to crawl before you can walk, and eventually run, then floating parks and pool barges are great ways to experiment with the feasibility of floating structures. Hopefully, we will see many more of these mobile aquatic parks popping up around seaside cities and lakes all over the world.

Barge Beach Budapest


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