Infinity Pool Offers Refreshing, Terrifying Dip

Infinity Edge Swimming Pool

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands contains what may quite possibly be the most terrifying swimming pool on earth. Placed near the ledge of a 55 story building, the edgeless pool makes it seems as though swimmers are on a one-way course over the edge of sky scraper. I think the only way that they could possibly make it more frightening is if they threw a few sharks in the pool.

If you can get past the primal terror that the swimming pool provokes, then you might actually be able to enjoy the scenery. After all, the only other way that you’re going to get a view that nice while swimming is if you inflate a kiddy pool next to your hotel room window.

Marina Bay Sand Infinity Pool

More than likely, though, the coolness factor will completely outweigh the fear factor, and swimming at the Infinity Pool will be an unforgettable experience – for all the good reasons. The modern, symmetrical design of the pool and the lounge chairs fit well with the urban view. A handful of palm trees add just the right amount of green to an otherwise overwhelmingly synthetic aesthetic.

Infinity Pool Swimming Pool

Swimmers ballsy enough to take a dip will be able to confront the pool’s optical illusion by swimming to the precipice. It’s safe, basically. The edge is a wall that just doesn’t quite reach the surface of the water. The water from the pool spills over the edge ever-so-slightly, where it collects in a ditch-like channel, preventing pool water and clumsy tourists from tumbling several hundred feet to the pavement below. Beyond that, a railing provides an extra safety measure.

In the Infinity swimming pool, the only thing to fear is fear itself. Well, that and the risk of drowning, I suppose.


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