Japan Holds World's Largest Indoor Pool

World's Largest Indoor Pool

Yesterday, I covered the world’s longest outdoor swimming pool. Coincidentally, it also holds the record for being the world’s most redundant swimming pool. Today, we’ll take a look at the world’s biggest indoor swimming pool, which is located in Japan.

We can find the pool in Miyazaki, Japan (the city, not the famous movie director), as part of the Phoenix Seagaia Resort. This massive, 300 x 100 x 38 meter resort is roughly pill shaped, with an enormous retractable roof.

Much like oversized outdoor swimming pool, this indoor swimming pool is also a tad redundant, as it is a short walk from the Pacific Ocean. But, of course, it’s located in Japan, where everything is a short walk from the ocean. This makes it a bit silly, but this pool has some advantages over the San Alfonso del Mar pool.

Seagaia Ocean Dome

The swimming area is heated to a comfy 30 C (86 F), while the water is kept at 28 C (82 F). The advantage there is quite obvious. No matter how frigid or rainy it gets outside, they can just close the roof, crank up the heat, and swimmers can enjoy a comfortable dip in the pool.

The interior roof of the structure is painted to resemble beautiful blue sky, so the closed water park doesn’t feel quite so oppressive. To be honest, it actually looks quite sunny in there, despite the fact that it’s artificially lit.

World's Largest Indoor Swimming Pool

And hey, just for fun, the designers added a volcano inside of the park that erupts every 15 minutes. ‘Cause why not? The volcano area is equipped with a few water park-esque splash pools for the young’uns.

All in all, the Japanese world record holding pool is notably more interesting and useful than its Chilean counterpart. Because the whole thing is enclosed, it’s still actually useful in the winter. It seems like the designers actually wanted to build a worthwhile attraction, rather than building the world’s longest pool just so that they’d have bragging rights. After all, if you’re going to build a pool a couple of feet from the Pacific Ocean, you’ve really got to have a selling point that makes your pool seem more tempting than the great blue sea.


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