Off the Deep End at the World's Deepest Swimming Pool

World's deepest pool

The world’s largest pools have been thoroughly covered on this blog, but what about the world’s deepest pool? That’s gotta count for something too, right?

That award goes to Nemo 33, located in Brussels, Belgium. Plummeting to a murky 34.5 meters (that’s 113 ft. for us Americans across the pond), you wouldn’t try to touch the bottom of that pool with anything less than a full set of scuba gear.

In fact, that is precisely why Nemo 33 exists. It’s less about lounging poolside, and much more about strapping on your flippers and practicing some underwater exploration.The pool even has a few underwater cubbyholes to simulate aquatic caves.

Nemo 33 Swimming Pool

While 34.5 meters might not seem terribly deep, especially when you compare it to the absurd lengths of the world’s longest pool, it’s actually a very impressive depth. A standard scuba license won’t let you go down that far, so it’s nothing to sneeze at.

The 2.5 million liters of natural spring water filling the pool are kept at a comfortable 30 C (86 F), so divers can stay down for longer periods without much discomfort.

One of the most interesting features is the windows spaced at various depths of the pool, allowing onlookers to gaze at the divers as they descend to the bottom of the pool.

Of the three world recording holding pools reviewed over the past couple of days, Nemo 33 is undoubtedly the most useful. Nemo 33 doesn’t strike me as the type of pool that exists solely to break record and attract tourists. The depth is simply a byproduct of its purpose: to train divers in a controlled and safe environment.


One thought on “Off the Deep End at the World's Deepest Swimming Pool

  1. Lucy

    i think this pool is great, i personally am not a fan of water but for divers this must be a real treat! i dread to think of how much it costs to be cleaned and filled etc but despite that, it must have a great economic value. So all together i think its fab!:)


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