Guinness Underwater Sea Bar

Guinness Sea Bar: World's Coolest Dive Bar

Guinness Underwater Sea Bar

For most of us, the closest we will ever come to a submarine is watching Red October, or maybe listening to Yellow Submarine. A select few devoted individuals can sign up for their nation’s navy for the chance to submerge in actual submarines and explore the depths of the oceans.

Most people don’t really ever expect to enter a submarine and cruise along the ocean floor. Evelyn Gridelet, the winner of the Guinness Experiences competition, wasn’t really expecting to go underwater either, but that’s what happened.

The folks at Guinness built a submarine for the sole purpose of letting one lucky Guinness fan and a some of her buddies drink a few pints in a freaking submarine. Could you imagine the cast of Jersey Shore being deep under the sea with access to all that beer?

Inside the Guinness Sub

Guinness created this submarine sea bar as part of their 250th birthday celebration, and they really spared no expense. They built the aquatic dive out of glass-reinforced plastic, designed everything to look like a submarine, and dumped the thing in the Baltic Sea.

The sub wasn’t just built by some architect who decided to go underwater. They actually had to follow strict marine standards to ensure that the vessel was safe and sea worthy. So, in essence, this thing has the Royal Navy’s seal of approval.

While I have to cheer on Evelyn for getting to experience such a remarkable thing, I think it’s a pity that Guinness didn’t permanently install the sub somewhere after the whole thing was over and make one of the coolest dive bars (literally) in London. What could be better than heading out to the docks with a couple of friends, descending into an honest-to-god submarine, ordering some fish and chips, and drinking a few beers?

Guinness Sea Bar


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