Utter Inn in Sweden

Otter Inn: Great View, Cozy Room, Terrible Parking

Sweden's Otter Inn

I’ve got family near the Chesapeake Bay, and every so often we go out into the bay on somebody’s boat. There’s this one estuary that is protected by the state, so nobody can build anything permanent on it. Bizarrely enough, this one tiny square of land out in the middle of the bay is private property because of a grandfather clause. The owners decided to build something on it, so there’s a random little shack sitting on stilts about 2 miles off shore. The only way to reach it is to hop on a boat and navigate through the thick reeds and choppy waves of the Chesapeake Bay.

It’s run down, bare bones, and poorly maintained. It’s got no electricity or plumbing. It’s little more than a roof surrounded by four thin walls, a screen door, and a tiny porch.

Inevitably, though, every time we pass by it, there is a different family there, hanging out on the porch with a grill going, chatting, drinking beers, fishing, and waving to passers-by.

Utter Inn Bedroom

Despite its humble appearance, this tiny cabin has its own special allure, so completely isolated from modern life and completely off the grid. It’s gives renters an excellent escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

That is some of the appeal behind Utter Inn (that’s “Otter Inn” in Swedish). The inn basically consists of a tiny little house no bigger than a tool shed, a small sitting area circling it, and an underwater bedroom. The underwater room has 2 tiny twin beds and glass viewing panels. Calling it cozy would be an understatement.

Granted, the body of water it sits in is no tropical paradise, but that doesn’t make it any less appealing. It’s quirky, quiet, isolated, relaxing, and charming in its own unique way. It’s less like a tropical seaside resort and more like a cabin in the woods, except on the water instead of dirt.

To be honest, it’s really shocking that these things aren’t more prevalent. Quiet cabins are common wherever there are secluded woods. I’m fairly certain that the only reason why you don’t see cabins like these every time you go to your local river, lake, or beach is that getting building permits for such a tiny development would be a nightmare.

Utter Inn Concept


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