Hotel the Vine Skyscraper Pool: An Island on an Island

Hotel the Vine Rooftop Pool

Rooftop pools have a definite allure to them. On one hand, they are complete private locations that are isolated from the surrounding city. Not only are they physically distant from the street, but their high vantage points makes anybody on the roofs virtually invisible. On the other hand, they’re totally exposed to the open air, without any walls or barriers to create a sense of privacy. People on rooftops are quite literally on a pedestal, yet completely hidden.

This delicate balance between privacy and prominence creates the perfect setting for a sexy, high-class pool.

Hotel the Vine, in addition to having a rather odd name, has a sleek and modern rooftop pool that totally makes every other pool jealous. Hotel the Vine is located on a small Portuguese island, so the rooftop pool offers a spectacular 360°  view of the landscape and ocean. For safety and comfort, a wall of pexiglass circles the rooftop, keeping inebriated swimmers in and uncomfortable breezes out.

Portuguese Skyscraper Pool

Indeed, drunk-proofing this pool is quit necessary. As you may have guessed from the goofy name, the hotel focuses on all things wine-related, from grape-colored décor to wine therapy sessions. I sincerely hope that lifeguards on duty on that rooftop skyscraper, even if it does ruin the aesthetic. Booze, high altitude, and large bodies of water could just as easily lead to unforgettable memories as disastrous lawsuits.

I honestly can’t tell if it’s an accidental side effect or working as intended, but the plexiglass barriers that they’ve got surrounding the roof create a rather odd effect under certain lighting conditions. The glass catches the lights from surrounding buildings while remaining transparent, creating an odd illusion of a larger space surrounding the pool, as if the pool extends outward into the horizon.

The overall effect, it seems is something akin to being on an island (an island on top of an island, in this case). Imagine lounging on top of a skyscraper next a pool that seemingly stretches out to infinity, and you just might be able to feel like you really are on your own tropical island.


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