10 Coolest Swimming Pools on Earth

10. Natural Swimming Pool, Everywhere

These pools make the list because, well, you don’t need to spend $2,000 on a plane ticket and another $5,00 on a luxury resort just to get in. These pools can be in just about anybody’s backyard. They combine the calm serenity of nature with the fun of backyard swimming.

Backyard Natural Swimming Pool

9. Barge Beach Budapest, Budapest

Most pools are neat because of their location, and design is just sort of a secondary thing. Because this pool is on a floating, fully functional barge, this pool gets to go wherever it wants, whenever it wants.

Barge Beach Budapest Floating Pool

8. Gellert Spa, Budapest

Not every swimming pool on the list needs to be a lavish, over-the-top swimming pool. Sometimes, a bit of class is all you need to turn heads. The Gellert Spa is a throwback to ancient Roman bath houses where Joe Blows would come for a dip after a long hard day building the Coliseum.

Gellert Baths Spa in Budapest

7. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This infinity pool provides a stunning view of the skyscraper-lined horizon, combining a sense of privacy with a feeling of exposure to the world.

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

6. Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

Mess with the mob bosses in Vegas and you’ll be swimming with the fishes. At least, you would be swimming with the fishes, except that the Vegas is in the middle of the desert, so the mob has to improvise. Instead of concrete boots, they just throw you in the Golden Nugget swimming pool, which is a pool that surrounds a seawater aquarium containing sharks.

Las Vegas Golden Nugget Pool

5. San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile

Why isn’t the biggest swimming pool on earth at a better position on the list? Well, the world’s biggest pool is right next to the world’s biggest ocean, a mere 50 feet away. Kind of defeats the purpose a bit, right?

San Alfonso Del Mar Pool

4. Nemo 33, Belgium

Not for the casual swimmer, this is the world’s deepest swimming pool at a staggering 34.5 meters deep. Be sure that you don’t accidentally drop anything over the edge, or you’ll need nothing less than a full suit of scuba gear, advanced scuba training (basic training isn’t sufficient for that depth), and a bit of courage to get it back.

Nemo 33 Belgium Pool

3. Bondi Icebergs Pool

People like swimming in the ocean because it’s authentic. People like swimming in pools because it’s cleaner, controlled, and shark are kind of scary. Australians don’t have to decide which to pick with this best-of-both-worlds swimming pool.

Bondey Iceberg Pool in Australia

2. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Resort, Iceland

Grab your snow shoes, jump on a dog sled, and mush your way into the frozen heart of Iceland. Then, strip down to your trunks and take a dive into a pool. Sound terrifying? It’s not – the geothermal pool will keep you nice and toasty in Iceland’s frigid sub-zero temperatures.

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Pool in Iceland

1. Underground Pool, Utah

Swimming pools are cool. Caves are even cooler A pool inside of a cave? Well, now you’ve got a recipe for something awesome. I don’t really need to tell you why this one made the list. Just look at the picture and just try to not feel envy pangs. I dare you.

Underground Pool in Utah


One thought on “10 Coolest Swimming Pools on Earth

  1. pool services Desert Hot Springs

    These selections are just awesome! They deserve all their spots in the top 10. Iceland’s geothermal pool looks a lot of fun but I should say that Utah’s underground pool is truly unique. I do feel envious and I would be honored to have such a pool concept in my home. Great post!


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