Top 10 Fountains of the World

One of the easiest ways to add beauty to a piece of architecture is to add a fountain. Throughout every culture and time period, people love fountains. Adoring water is hardwired into the human mind. So, when we see a place where water is so abundant that it is literally overflowing, our caveman brain kicks in and tell us that this is a great place to stay.

Today, let’s indulge our caveman instincts a bit by checking out 10 of the world’s most beautiful fountains.

10. Crown Fountain – Chicago

Rather than relying entirely on the waterworks to attract attention, the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park combines a charming, quirky digital face of an amiable looking fellow (or lady) who smiles, blinks, and spits water on the children romping about.

9. Tap Fountain – Menorca

This bizarre fountain seems to defy the laws of physics. It looks like some cosmic being stuck a tap into the sky, washed its hands, and then forgot to turn it off. It gets major points for the weird factor.

Magic Floating Tap Fountain

Image: Deceptology

8. Swarovski Fountain – Austria

“Blaaaahhhh,” this unsettling fountain seems to be saying. You can’t help but do a double take at the weird, uncanny valley-esque design. It’s unsettling, weird, beautiful, and almost humorous. Even the fountain itself seems to be confused.

7. Japanese Falling Fountains – Various Locations, Japan

These waterfall fountains have been appearing all over Japan. With their rather unique falling droplet picture design, this fountain can say “hello,” create pictures, and even advertise messages.

6. Magic Fountain of Montjuic – Barcelona

This fountain combines beautiful designs with colorful lights to create a stunning aesthetic experience.

5. Volcano Fountain – Abu Dhabi

Ever wonder what a volcano would look like if it spewed water instead of lava? No? Me neither. But now that I raised the question, which forced you to wonder what a volcano would look like if it spewed water, I can give you an answer. It would probably look something like the Volcano Fountain in Abu Dhabi. Sadly, this fountain went the way of the dinosaur back in 2004 when it was replaced with a more beautiful feature. I have no idea what they could replace it with that would be more impressive than an aqua-volcano.

4. King Fahd’s Fountain – Saudi Arabia

Ever wonder what the Eiffel Tower would look like if it were made of water instead of metal? No? Wow, you’re a really unimaginative person. You really should try to imagine what everything on earth would look like if it were made out of water so that you don’t get caught off guard next time you read one of these articles.

Anyways, to solve that mystery, it would probably look something like King Fahd’s Fountain. If a low-flying plane accidentally chopped off the Eiffel Tower’s antenna, then King Fahd’s Fountain would actually spew water higher than the famous French monument.

3. Fountain of Wealth – Singapore

The world’s largest fountain has got to make the list. The unique ring design represents the harmony among the 4 races in Singapore. Every now and then, they turn off the large outer ring of water to allow visitors to walk around the inner fountain, which is supposed to bring good luck. If you manage to make it in and out of that thing without getting wet, then it’s safe to say that it really is lucky.

At night, they put on nifty light shows inside of the fountain mist, which serves a sort of aquatic screen.

2 – Trevi Fountain – Rome

Sure, the actual fountain bits aren’t exactly overwhelming. There are no colorful light shows, exploding fountains, lightning bolts, or race cars, but the Trevi Fountain more than makes up for that with class.

1. The Bellagio – Las Vegas

Is it any surprise that the Bellagio made the list? Is it any surprise that it’s at the number 1 slot? It’s got some heavy competitors, but the Bellagio fountain is one of the most recognized, well known fountains on earth. The fountains go off every 30 minutes in the afternoons, and every 15 minutes from 8 PM to midnight. Each show is choreographed to music and lights, and there are literally dozens of different performances. You could spend all night watching the fountains and never see the same show twice.


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