Swim with Sharks in the Golden Nugget's Swimming Pool

Golden Nugget Water Slide

While everything is bigger in Texas, everything is flashier in Las Vegas. When you book a Vegas hotel, you can pretty much automatically expect a certain level of lavish excess when you get there. The lights, the gambling, and the night life all contribute to the very powerful and decadent image of Sin City.

The same applies for your hotel’s pools. There are a lot of nifty hotel pools in Vegas, certainly, but I think that the Golden Nugget pool takes the cake.

What makes the Golden Nugget pool so spectacular isn’t the pool itself – after all, it’s just H2O and chlorine. What makes the pool so awesome is that an enormous, fully functioning seawater aquarium dominates the central of the swimming pool. And I’m not just talking about some dinky aquarium that has a few tiny fish, either. This 200,000 gallon hosts five species of sharks, including sandtigers, brown sharks, Pacific blacktips, nurse sharks, and zebra sharks. They also threw a couple of stingrays just for balance it out a bit.

Golden Nugget Shark Tank

Image: About.com

Now, we can all agree that this is pretty extravagant, but does a pool with a built in aquarium really hold up to the standards of Vegas over-the-top absurdity? I mean, just a few blocks down the strip you can find a replica of the Eiffel Tower.

There’s a lot more to the Golden Nugget swimming pool than just a few sharks. They’ve also got a water slide – that goes through the shark tank. Running through the center of the pool is a hollow tube with a bit of running water, giving swimmers a chance to know what it feels like to become completely surrounded by man-eating sharks.

Unless you want to grab some scuba gear, hop in a shark cage, and lower yourself to the bottom of the ocean, you’re not going to find a more up-close-and-personal shark experience.


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