Secret Tropical Paradise's Secret Tropical Restaurant

Every vacation spot has its own special allure that draws people in. It could be the weather, hills covered with snow, clear beaches, an event, or really anything that people find worthy enough to fork over money for a plane ticket to go see. One of the things that’s always difficult to measure in vacation spots is that subtle, unspoken feeling you get during the vacation. How do you measure the joy on your kids’ faces when they go to Disney World? How do you quantify that sense of exhilarating camaraderie when you get to watch the ball drop in Times Square?

Those sensations are undeniably present, and they’re usually the whole reason for going on a vacation. We say that we’re going to Switzerland to ski, but we never say that we’re going to Switzerland to experience the thrill of zipping down a mountain as fast as a car on the interstate.

Perhaps the sensation that is the easiest to describe and the most sought-out is that sense of solicitude, that feeling of being in a paradise out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing around to bother you.

That’s what makes those tropical islands so appealing. Not only do you get to experience the clear water and warm water, but they also allow you to feel like you’re the only person in a hundred miles.

Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar

Image: Pix Grove

The creators of Zanzibar’s Rock Restaurant fully understand that unspoken sensation of solitude and commit to it fully with their reclusive restaurant.

Just about anyone you meet would love to eat at a restaurant perched on top of a jagged rock that’s out in the middle of a tropical bay. I mean, a restaurant like that sells itself. All you need to do is put a picture of it in a magazine and give directions.

But that’s what makes Rock Restaurant so compelling. The owners don’t advertise the restaurant, and they don’t put up signs pointing people to their joint. They just sit there and wait for people to find them.

Rock Restaurant Interior

Image: Pix Grove

When people do randomly stumble across it, it’s almost like finding a diamond in the rough, a hidden paradise within a paradise. The fact that visitors need to wade, swim, or boat over to the entryway adds to that sense of seclusion. It really makes visitors feel as though they’ve found some long-forgotten building.

Once inside, guests will find a dining experience that is perfectly suitable for a island paradise. A classy yet comfortable atmosphere combined with a tempting selection of local food grilled to order ensure that it will be a dining experience you won’t soon forget.

Rock Restaurant Lobster

Image: Pix Grove



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