Japanese Waterfall Fountains Can Smile, Say "Hello."

Look at just about any idyllic landscape painting and you’re bound to see a river, lake, or some other source of water. We consider water to be beautiful, and that is very evident in artwork across cultures and time periods. While portraying water in artwork is pretty common, a much less common sight is water used as a form of art.

Probably the purest form of aquatic art is ice sculpting, because it presents the actual H20 as the art object. Other forms of aquatic art, such as fountains or pools, operate a bit differently because the actual water is not the art object – the shape of the pool that holds the water or the devices that shoot the water into the air are the actual things that artists design. Basically, water is a tricky medium because all you can ever really do is design a thing that manipulates water, rather than shape water itself.

Japanese designers have attempted to overcome this hurdle with their new waterfall fountain designs. These fountains allow water to drip out at certain combinations to create recognizable shapes, such as faces, words, or pictures. They have found a way to use water as the canvas for their artwork.

One of the most interesting features of this fountain is that the messages that they display can be customized to fit any setting. They could just as easily be programmed to display a fluid work of art as they could advertise a new sale at a nearby shopping center.

This feature alone leads me to believe that this type of fountain is bound to catch on in countries other than Japan. Businesses would love to own a fountain that advertises their store and invites passers-by to take a gander. Normally, businesses have to compete and pull every dirty trick in the book to try to get customers to pay attention to their ads. With a fountain like this, customers would love to just stand around and marvel at the beauty of this customizable waterfall fountain.


2 thoughts on “Japanese Waterfall Fountains Can Smile, Say "Hello."

  1. Corey

    I would like to know who the manufacturer for these fountains are. I’m an architect and I would love to include this into my next project here in America.

    1. Dabney B. Post author


      I believe it was made by Koei Industry in Osaka. They’re the first result on a generic Google search of “Koei Industry.”


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