Top 5 Water Slides on Earth

If roller coasters and swimming pools had a child, it’d probably look something like a water slide. These aquatic rides are favorites for vacationers looking to beat the heat, and they’ve got plenty of different types to accommodate all kinds of swimmers. From thrilling water chutes to lazy pool rides, you can pretty easily match your personality to the best slide for you. But what about those extreme thrill seekers out there who want something more than your average water slide? These are the 5 top, most insane water slides on the planet.

Water Slide


5. Bazooka Bowls – Irvine, California

This ride is your run-of-the-mill water slide except for the bowls at the bottom. When riders enter the bowl, centrifugal force whips them around the sides of the bowl before ingloriously dumping them into a pool, a bit like the rider’s being flushed down an oversized toilet.

4. Leap of Faith – Paradise Island, Bahamas

Similar to thisVegas swimming pool, the Leap of Faith ride sends riders plummeting down a replica Mayan pyramid and straight through a shark tank. The thin, transparent walls of the tube are the only thing separating the sharks from what they consider “fast food.”

3. The Wildebeest – Santa Claus, India

The worst thing about dealing with water slides is the long wait just to get to your turn. You feel like you have to put on sports shoes just to be able to scale to the top of the massive tower, and then you stand around for 30 minutes just for 15 seconds of thrills. For India’s Wildebeest ride, the experience should be well worth all the effort. I’ve been to a few water parks in my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever been on a water slide that lasts half as long as this one does.

2. Summit Plummet – Orlando, Florida

People who ride the Summit Plummethave to be seriously committed, because riders have to ascend 12 stories to reach this gigantic water slide. Expect to hit interstate speeds (50-60 mph) as your careen down this 360 foot chute.

1. AquaLOOP – Morvci, Slovenia

Water slides are basically just wetter, less crazy roller coasters. We expect plenty of twists and turns in your typical water slide, but nothing too elaborate. Evidently, Slovenians demand a higher caliber of terrifying thrill with their amusement parks. Get this: to start the ride, you have to stand on top of a trapdoor, which falls open to send you plummeting down the water chute. Then, just because Slovenians are hardcore like that, you go through a full roller coaster-esque loop. Don’t be surprised if the water carrying you down the tunnel is intermixed with urine after that mortifying ride.


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