Tropical Floating Island Yacht: Beautiful or Tacky?

Tropical Island Exotic Yacht

Image: Yacht Island Design

Yesterday’s article proved that you don’t have to be near the Equator in order to enjoy the luxuries of a tropical paradise. Where there’s a will (along with several million dollars worth of funding and a team of ingenious designers), there’s a way. But alas, if only there were a way to create an artificial tropical paradise that didn’t require a giant blimp hangar big enough to hold the Eiffel Tower on its side.

Tropical Yacht with Fake Volcano

Image: Yacht Island Design

Do I dare to dream? Could there really be a way to transport tropical luxury to just about anywhere on the planet? Well, actually, you might be able to bring the beauty of the Caribbeans to your own backyard, assuming of course that your backyard can dock a custom yacht. So throw on your boating shoes, and check out this floating tropical paradise.

Yacht Island Design is a company that specializes in indulging berjillionaires who have the compulsive urge to throw stupid amounts of money into the ocean for entertainment purposes. While the design company might take the concept of luxurious design to somewhat absurd extremes, that doesn’t make the yachts they dream up any less amazing.

Imitation Beachfront Yacht

Image: Yacht Island Design

This design, Tropical Island Paradise, brings a bit of equatorial fun to even the coldest climates. With the jungle-themed huts, palm, trees, and crystalline blue swimming pool, the deck of this yacht would look right at home on the coast of some tropical island. While the plants are a nice touch, I wonder if having those on deck is the best idea. After all, part of the appeal to this boat is that you can experience some tropical fun no matter where you are on earth. It’d be kind of a buzzkill to have every single one of your plants die whenever you go 30° north or south of the equator.

Tropical Island Yacht's Makeshift Beach

Image: Yacht Island Design

And as a cool as the boat is, it’s a bit, uhm — what’s the word? — tacky. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve reviewed dozens of absurdly lavish hotels and floating bachelor pads before, so I’m certainly willing to acknowledge a good design when I see one. But this yacht design, while initially appealing, really starts to look less and less appropriate. I would love it if one of my friends had this boat, but if I ever become a billionaire, I think I’d want to go with something a bit more classy with my yacht, and not something that looks like it came from a theme park. But, hey, who am I to judge? Maybe Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Oprah love to compare their yachts to see which one has the best fake volcano.


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