Enormous Skyscrapers to Sponge Up Extra Water from the Air

It’s difficult to see first hand just how dangerous global warming can be. Sure, our summers might feel a bit hotter, but past that you don’t really see global warming directly and obviously ravaging the countryside. By and large, the impact of global warming on the world around us is virtually invisible. The heat melts ice that is thousands of miles away from us, and the higher temperature causes water to evaporate more quickly.

Most of us have heard of the perils of rising water levels due to melting ice, but this second problem isn’t one we hear about very often. Weather patterns are being affected due to global warming, because more water vapor in the air means more global humidity.

Himalaya Water Tower

Image: eVolo

Chinese architects are hoping to counter the effects of increased humidity with their new Himalayan Water Towers. These enormous, white towers will basically operate like artificial trees, soaking up water from the air and transporting it down their spiraling trunk to the roots. From there, the water will be transported to nearby villages as a source of clean drinking water.

As the name implies, these towers are designed with the famed Himalayan mountain range in mind. The towers should serve to counteract the effects of global warming by sucking up a lot of the excess moisture.

Himalayan Tower Design

Image: eVolo

So, where do these towers actually store all of this extra water? The water is purified and frozen so that it can be stored for future use. The best thing about this approach is that the towers can adapt to the needs of the locals. If the locals are suffering from a drought, then the towers can thaw extra ice. The towers could indefinitely store ice, keeping it safe and ready for generations to come.

A network of pipes will connect these towers to local towns so that they can constantly supply water whenever and wherever it is needed. These pipes will also serve as the basic infrastructure for a railway that will connect the Himalayan Water Towers together, which should also facilitate travel in the area.

eVolo Himalayan Water Tower Design

Image: eVolo

You’d have to look hard to find something bad about the tower design. They’re green, efficient, rather beautiful, and they will do an effective job of limiting the negative impacts of global warming.


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