Floating Pool to Give New Yorkers a Place to Cool Off

Would you go swimming in the rivers surrounding New York? No? Me neither. What if you could take a shower immediately afterward? Well, considering that excessive rainwater could actually cause the sewers to spill sewage into the rivers, I still don’t think that’s a particularly tempting offer. But what if you could go swimming in a pool that was floating in the middle of the river? If it filtered and purified river water to make it safe for swimmers, would you consider taking a dip then?

+Pool Floating in the East River

Image: Pluspool

The folks at +Pool are hoping that, for the bulk of New Yorkers, the answer to this question would be “yes.” The designers got the idea after being exposed to the sweltering New York summer heat. I can imagine that it it’d be a bit frustrating to be on an island surrounded by water, but not have a place nearby where you can strip down to your trunks and go swimming. To that end, they have envisioned a floating swimming pool that will be open to all members of New York.

Underwater Rendering of the +Pool

Image: Pluspool

In fact, they specifically designed the +Pool to make it appeal to as many people as possible. The pool will include a children’s pool, a sports pool, a lap pool, and a lounge pool, each arranged in a + shape. Certain sections of the pool could be closed off to accommodate swim meets or to replicate an Olympic standard swimming pool, or each arm of the + could be divided into its own specific area. So whether you’re a New York parent who wants to take his youngins for a laid back swim or a hardcore swimmer who’s looking to be the next Michael Phelps, the +Pool should give you the opportunity to swim in clean water.

Possible Layouts of the +Pool

Image: Pluspool

Layers of filtration systems will purify the water as it travels through the filter. Anything bigger than 150 microns (that’s extremely, extremely tiny) won’t be able to pass through the wall. A final disinfectant layer will kill off any ambitious bacteria or viruses to ensure that the water is as healthy as possible.

+Pool Filtration System

Image: Pluspool

The +Pool has gotten plenty of support, but not enough to make it happen. The designers are trying to raise funds, as much as $500,000, to test and build their dream swimming pool. Right now, the +Pool is in something of a limbo state. Architectural firms have offered their resources, organizations and individuals are donating money, and plenty of people are rallied behind the +Pool idea. On the flip side, they just won’t be able to make their dream a reality without that 500k. So, if any readers out there have half a million bucks burning a hole in their pocket and want to be nice to New York, feel free to make a donation.

+Pool Rendering

Image: Pluspool


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