New York's Other Floating Pool: The Floating Pool Lady

While we’re on the topic of floating New York pools, we should also take a look at the Floating Pool Lady. Yes, as it turns out, New York actually already has a floating pool, and one that doesn’t require $500,000 in donations before you can go swimming in it.

Of course, the Floating Pool Lady (what a peculiar name) isn’t quite as high tech as the +Pool. Basically, architect Jonathan Kirschenfeld took a barge, scooped out its metallic guts, and replaced it with a seven lane swimming pool. This idea, while neat, isn’t exactly revolutionary, as a floating barge swimming pool has already been done a few times.

View from Above the Floating Pool Lady

Image: Floating Pool

Still, the Floating Pool Lady does have a few features that help it to stand out. A raised court overlooks the swimming lanes and holds a variety of conveniences that make this swimming pool modern and popular. It is complete with separate locker rooms, showers, and snack bars for when swimmers are feeling hungry. It’s even got a neat little spray fountain for kids to romp around in and get their legs wet.

Floating Pool Lady Docked at Barretto Park

Image: Floating Pool

After taking a look at the Floating Pool Lady’s price tag, however, the +Pool does look a little bit more tempting. The Neptune Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to building floating swimming pools, raised a whopping $4 million to buy the old barge and do the necessary reconstruction to convert it into a pool. If they really needed that much money to do the work, then the $500,000 +Pool looks like a deal at only one-eighth of the cost.

Floating Pool Lady at Night

Image: Floating Pool

The Floating Pool Lady has gradually been paying itself off by providing hours of entertainment and splashy fun for New York locals. Since opening on 2007’s Independence Day, this floating pool has hosted an estimated 50,000 swimmers. In fact, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg was the first person to strap on some swim trunks and jump in the pool, officially announcing its release to the public. For now, the barge is docked at Baretto Point Park. Take a look; you can easily spot it in the picture.

Barge Swimming Pool Traveling Along the River

Image: Floating Pool


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