German Floating Suburbs In the Works

For an aquatic architecture blog, things can often get a bit, uh, theoretical. Aquatic architecture is such a complicated topic that a lot of times what I write about is the idea of aquatic architecture, or proposed plans for floating or underwater buildings that people are going to start building in the next decade or so. It’s easy to go to Photoshop and create a few graphics of your underwater city idea, but that can only ever become truly impressive if you actually build it.

German Floating Home by Steeltec37

Image: Steeltec37

That’s why it’s so refreshing to find an actual, honest-to-god floating building. I think a lot of these would-be aquatic architects think that floating and submerged houses are a feature of the future when technology has advanced to the point when these types of structures can be built cheaply and easily. Well, to be honest, that future is a lot closer than you might think, as floating homes are becoming increasingly less rare.

The design group Steeltec37 has actually built a floating house, which currently resides in Germany’s Lusatian Lake District. And it gets better: Steeltec37 wants to build as many as 20 more floating houses, in addition to about a dozen coastal homes to create a sort of aquaburbs community.

Interior of the AR-CHE Aquatic Home

Image: Steeltec37

And by the looks of it, this is definitely a great-looking community. The interior of the house is sleek and modern. With three of the house’s walls composed almost entirely of glass, every room of the house has a stunning view of the lake. The fourth wall features a curved roof to protect the house from the harsh winds and weather.

German Floating Home and Dock at Night

Image: Steeltec37

The house is not totally water-locked, as underwater cables allow the inhabitants to enjoy the conveniences of fresh water, plumbing, electricity, and the oh-so-indispensable Internet. Still, unless you want your daily work commute to involve a several-hundred-meter swim, you’re going to need a boat to get to your house. But hey, that type of features is as much of an advantage as a disadvantage. Sure, you’re going to need a boat to get around, but nothing says home security like living in the middle of a lake. Who needs a gated community when would-be thieves would need to bring their own canoe just to sneak up to your house?

Floating Home House Design

Image: Steeltec37


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