The World's Top 5 Cruises

Without meaning to, it seems that this week’s theme is all about floating houses. So, before I delve too deeply into the myriad of buoyant house designs for the rest of the week, let’s take a quick break and look at some of the world’s most remarkable floating hotels. After all, cruise ships are kind of like floating houses, right? They just hold a lot more people than your average house and are a tad more mobile. So, if you’ve ever thought about blowing your savings on a luxurious cruise, check out Okeanos’ top 5 list.

5. American Safari Cruises

American Safari Cruises

Image: Experience Active Travel

Perfect for you nature lovers out there, the American Safari Cruise is less like a massive cruise ship and more like a waterborne safari. With a maximum passenger count of 86 people, don’t expect to get a traditional cruise experience. Still, don’t let the ship’s tiny size fool you, as it can take you to places where the bigger ships wouldn’t dare travel. With a much more up-close-and-personal approach, this cruise ship will let you get so close to blue whales, polar bears, and leatherback turtles that you could spit on ’em (we don’t recommend spitting on the polar bears).

4. Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria Cruise Ship

Image: Cruise Law News

Some people want to spend their vacation wearing shorts and hiking boots. Others want to spend their time off wearing nothing but swim suits and sun screen. For others, classy extravagance spells the recipe for a dream vacation. On Queen Victoria, you can expect a bit of classy, old-fashioned pomp and circumstance mixed in with your oceanic cruise. The ship holds several formal nights when everybody is expected to whip out their best tuxedo or formal gown. Adults can visit the grand ballroom and pretend to be British royalty, while the kids can sign up for fencing lessons a pretend to murder each other.

3. Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line Ships

Image: Travel

As you might expect, the Disney Cruise Line is the perfect vessel for those of you looking to go on vacation with your kids. These kid-focused cruises will keep your young’ns giggling and smiling with a huge range of safe activities. And before your teenager starts rolling her eyes at the idea of spending an evening with Mickey Mouse, they’ve got a special clubhouse where teenagers can spend their cruise experiencing hormonal sexual tension with like-minded teens from around the world. And with your kids out of your hair, you’ll have plenty of free time to kick back. Fun for the whole family!

2. Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Image: Royal-Caribbean1

One of the most famous cruise lines out there, Royal Caribbean is the go-to choice for an excellent cruise experience. Found back in 1968, they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their ship to create a top-notch cruise. Get the royal treatment with 5-star meals, breathtaking shows, shopping opportunities, and, of course, more alcohol than you can shake a stick at.

1. Celebrity Cruises

With a name like that, you can expect an unmatched level of decadent excess that will tempt every last penny out of you. But when you’re reclining on a white, silky hammock as the Atlantic Ocean slowly passes by you, who cares about the price tag? Celebrity Cruises has recently dropped a hefty chunk of money to the tune of $140 million to upgrade their ships with the latest and greatest in modern luxury. In fact, it’s so luxurious and so modern that they decided to use that as their tagline: That’s modern luxury. Can’t argue with that.


One thought on “The World's Top 5 Cruises

  1. Else Clinker

    I very much love your site. Cruising is just plain old fun. I would like others to get to try it, as I am now on my 13th cruise, its still fun. I use any ports thats cheap. Have fun cruising everyone.


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