Checking Rent in this Dutch Floating Apartment Complex

Yesterday, we took a look at a slightly toned down floating build, the Schwimmhaus, which took a much more practical and commercially viable approach to floating habitats. While the Schwimmhaus was certainly a humble building, houses like it would be necessary in the future to accommodate individuals who wanted a smaller, cheaper home.

The same is true for apartments. After all, if we’re going to make floating houses, then it’s the next logical step to also make some floating apartment buildings.

The Citadel Floating Apartment Complex


The Dutch architectural group has designed a rather bizarrely shaped floating apartment complex dubbed the Citadel. Each of the 60 luxury apartments will have its own terrace and view of the lake, and an expansive underwater basement will provide plenty of parking spaces. The white building is sleek and modern, though it will probably take a lot of people some time to get used to the structure’s chaotic angles and confusing layout.

Top View of the Citadel


As you might expect, creating a floating apartment complex requires a few special considerations. For example, designer Koen Olthuis decided to use aluminum for the siding, as the material is fairly durable and easy to maintain, even if it is constantly exposure to water. On the plus side, though, living on the top of a lake actually affords inhabitants a few unexpected advantages. The natural cooling effects of the surrounding water should reduce the energy bill by as much as 25%.

Interior Rendering of the Citadel


All of this has become necessary due to the Netherland’s extremely low altitude. Much of the nation’s land is below sea level, which forces rain water to collect into low-lying lake-like depressions, known as polders. These polders constantly need to be drained to prevent flooding, which would destroy nearby communities.

With enough Citadels spread across Netherland’s bodies of water, the threats of flooding would be a worry of the past. As these apartment complexes safely rise with the flooding water levels, inhabitants would stay high and dry. And with this practical approach to aquatic living, has designed a structure that can reliably accommodate hundreds of people. After all, aquatic architecture is meaningless if designers continue to make it expensive and inaccessible. The Citadel, much like the Schwimmhaus, represents a forward-thinking, practical approach to buoyant life.

Plus, on top of that, it’s just plain cool. Can you imagine the type of college parties that would take place in a floating apartment complex? I may have to go through the tongue-tied practice of learning Dutch so I can get a swanky new buoyant apartment.

Exterior View of the Citadel Facade



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