World's Biggest Aquarium Holds World's Biggest Fish

It’s March 19, and you know what that means: Aquarium Week! Oh, you’ve never heard of aquarium week? That might be because I made the whole thing up. Still, I don’t see why we can’t just go about acting as though it were an official national holiday. I mean, who doesn’t like aquariums? People who hate fun, that’s who.

And the best way to kick start this dubious week-long holiday is by taking a gander at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Despite its somewhat boring name, the Georgia Aquarium is the single largest aquarium in the world, complete with 31,0000 cubic meters of H2O and over 100,000 fish, crustaceans, and similar slimy creatures.

Georgia Aquarium Exterior in Atlanta

Image: Buzzarus

As you might expect from such a massive establishment, the Georgia Aquarium has a wide range of attractions to appeal to just about everybody. They’ve got a dolphin show, a 4D theater (33% cooler than 3D theaters), and even day camps for young kids.

Whale Shark Swimming By

Image: Where Is Yvette

As neat as all of these features are, the aquatic wildlife is the main attraction. They’ve got sea horses, frogs, beluga, manta rays, eels, coral, jellyfish, and pretty much everything else that you could possibly imagine. They’ve even got two whale sharks, which are the largest species of fish on planet Earth. Those of you willing to drop a few bucks can strap on some scuba gear and go diving with these massive creatures. Don’t worry: whale sharks are more whale-like than shark-like in temperament. They only eat krill, algae, and other tiny food bits.

Whale Shark at the Georgia Aquarium

Image: Scholastic Blog

What seems to impact people the most when they visit the Georgia Aquarium is its size. It’s huge, just massively huge. Don’t expect tiny garage-sized pools filled with fish. Enormous pools larger than three-story buildings are the norm at this aquarium, which can help visitors experience the expansiveness and mysterious nature of the world’s oceans. It gives you that tiny and insignificant feeling, along with a heaping dose of childlike wonder.

Dolphin Show at the Georgia Aquarium

Image: News-JournalOnline

Unfortunately, I’m nowhere near Georgia, so I’ll have to put plans to visit Atlanta’s aquarium on the back burner for now. Luckily, if I want to get my aquarium fix I can visit any of their webcams, which transmits a live feed of footage 24/7. My favorite is the otter cam. Adorable, aren’t they? Like swimming puppies.


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