Dubai Beautiful Tropical Island Paradise: Brilliant or Foolish?

Depending on if it’s near a city or not, beachfront property can really go at a premium. That ocean view will increase the value of the property by thousands upon thousands of dollars.Dubai, a port city located in the Middle East, has recently undergone a huge commercial boom, resulting in rampant commercial expansion. In a very quick period of time, all of the beachfront property got nabbed up and developed into commercial sites.

Aerial Shot of the Dubai Islands

Image: Dubai-Architecture

So, what this stupidly rich city decided to do was just make more beachfront property. That’s a pretty obvious solution, right?

The architectural group Nakheel Properties spearheaded this major undertaking. Together with marine contractors Jan De Nul and Van Oord, they drudged the surrounding sea and deposited sand and rock along the coast of the city to create beautiful palm tree-shaped peninsulas and islands.

Dubai Manmade Palm Islands

Image: Dubai-Architecture

Of course, this is Dubai we’re talking about, a place that has become legendary for its absurd, over-the-top architectural creations. It would take a lot more than a palm tree island to impress the citizens of Dubai. From there, they built two more palm tree islands, a set of islands known as “The Universe” organized in the shape of a galaxy, and a clump of islands entitled “The World,” which look pretty much exactly like planet Earth.

The World in Dubai

Image: Dubai-Architecture

Many of the islands hold a number of commercial, residential, and leisure buildings, though The World is virtually barren; the world recession hit and killed most of its intended projects. On the bright side, though, the Palm Islands are host to some truly enviable suburbs. Each of the branches literally has a beach, a line of houses, a road, and then more houses and a beach. These communities would put most California gated communities to shame.

Communities in the Dubai Palm Island

Image: Dubaiw

In a way, it’s surprising that we don’t see more island-creating projects, especially in places like the US and Europe. Building man-made islands is clearly possible with the proper funding. Perhaps one of the major factors as to why you don’t see this type of construction more often is because people are afraid that it is too difficult or financially risky — two factors which Dubai has been having trouble overcoming. Many of the projects for the islands faltered, and some claim that the islands are actually sinking back into the sea. Hopefully, these islands will prove to be a financial success, and they won’t just become a giant metaphor for the hubris of mankind.


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