Build Snowmen in the Desert at Ski Dubai

When you’re wealthy, you can import the finest products from around the world. For the right price, you can enjoy Persian rugs, French wines, or German cars. Sometimes, high-demand commodities can be a bit difficult to import. In the balmy city of Dubai, for example, how do you give people the opportunity to ski?

Lift Chairs at Ski Dubai

Image: SkiDubai

As you might expect, the Middle East region doesn’t get much snow. That didn’t stop Majid Al Futtaim Properties from bringing skiing and snowboarding to the middle of the desert with an enormous indoor ski area, Ski Dubai.

Sky Dubai is as impressive as it is ludicrous. Yes, it’s snow in the middle of the desert, showing that “a snowball’s chance in hell” might not be so far off the mark. Once you get past just how weird it is, you’ll discover that Ski Dubai has every feature you could possibly want in an indoor snow area. Really, the only thing that it’s missing is alleged yeti spottings.

An Internal Shot of the Ski Dubai Slopes

Image: Snopes

The main attraction is, of course, the ski slope. The facility boasts five different tracks, each with its own difficulty level, and it has the world’s very first black run. For the snowboarders out there, there’s also a 90-meter-long quarter pipe.

Snowboarder at Ski Dubai

Image: AwesomeOff

Kids can get in on the fun too. Designers specifically included an area where kids can romp around in the snow and generally do kid stuff. Sleds, an ice slide, a snowman area, a mirror maze, and a snowball throwing zone give desert-dwelling kids a chance to experience the frigid wonder of a New England winter. Unfortunately, they’ll still have to miss out on the snow day school cancellations.

Ski Dubai Includes Kid Areas

Image: Onkar Kular

The folks who run Ski Dubai were considerate enough to include hats, coats, gloves, and boots as part of the admission fee. After all, it’d be a little bit ridiculous if every visitor had to go out and buy their own winter coat just for one day of snowball chucking.

Ski Dubai and the Dubai Mall

Image: Mountain Yahoos

A clever engineering design keeps all 6000 tons of Ski Dubai’s snow just below freezing so that visitors can experience the exhilarating chill of snowy weather without being turned off by subzero extremes. Add all of this to the fact that it’s connected to the Dubai Mall, and you’ve got a place that will tempt you to spend every last penny on whimsical activities. Shopping, skiing, snowmen, and desert heat all in the same place. The Dubai Mall might actually be the most ridiculous place on earth.

Oh, and did I mention that they have penguins?


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