Dubai Houseboat Beautiful, Modern, Completely Unnecessary

Architects typically incorporate water into their designs for one of two reasons: necessity or luxury. For places like the Netherlands, coming up with creative design alternatives for houses is pretty much necessary to stave off the dangers of rising water levels. Over on the other end of the spectrum, aquatic architecture can also be a lavish and over-the-top way to show off some wealth and attract visitors.

Interior Living area on the Dubai Houseboat

Image: Style Crave

For Dubai, a city that has been building the world’s largest skyscraper, an indoor ski park, and one of the world’s largest malls, take a wild guess as to which of these two options motivates the builders there.

Dubai Houseboat's Dining Room

Image: Style Crave

The folks over at X-Architects have built a swanky floating bachelor pad off the coast of the city of Dubai. Why? To show off — what else? This desert city rarely sees rising water levels and really doesn’t need to worry about much other than the nearby ocean tide. Architects in the city have built a few aquatic structures, but they’ve pretty much all been a means to flaunt how cool they are rather than fulfill any real, practical need.

Houseboat Sun Deck

Image: Style Crave

It’s a bit showy, sure, but does that make it any less awesome? Not hardly. This sleek and modern abode is almost entirely white, giving it a clean and crisp look. The upper deck (or “second floor” if you think it’s more house than boat) holds the kitchen, living room, and dining room. The lower level holds the bathroom and bedrooms. This 220 square-meter home has everything a Dubai homeowner could possibly need — all balanced on two floating catamaran beams. It’s even got a steering cabin on the off chance that you don’t like your neighbors.

A View of the Bay from the Dubai Houseboat

Image: Style Crave

Considering Dubai’s penchant for going to architectural extremes, it’s actually quite likely that we’ll see more floating houses drifting along the Dubai coast in the near future. Many miles to the north, Dutch architects are laboring to build floating communities that will allow citizens to live safely without fear of floods. Somewhat ironically, the ultra-rich city of Dubai might beat them to the punch just because a floating community would be a neat thing to build.

Dubai Houseboat Spiral Staircase

Image: Style Crave


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