Atlantis: Planet Earth's Swankiest Aqua-Themed Hotel

When you hear of a hotel called “Atlantis,” you can reasonably assume that there will be a few ocean-themed features. When you find out that the Atlantis hotel is also built in Dubai, home to such architectural marvels as gigantic manmade islands and indoor ski parks, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s going to have some truly ridiculous aquatic structures.

Aerial View of the Atlantis

Image: Holidays to Dubai

Let’s see, where to begin? Pretty much every single thing in the hotel is water themed, so it’d probably be wise to be a bit selective. Let’s start at ground level (literally) and work our way up. The whole island on which Atlantis rests is actually manmade, and shaped like an enormous palm tree.

On top of that, they’ve got a world class water park complete with water slides, ray petting areas, and an area where you can go swimming with dolphins. These aren’t just any dolphins, either — they were imported from the Solomon Islands. I have no idea why; probably just because Dubai likes things that are needlessly expensive.

Dolphin Encounters at the Dubai Water Park

Image: My Modern Met

And when you’re sick of fish and want to just relax in your room, well, too bad. There are fish there, too. Many of the best suites are connected to an enormous 11-million liter aquarium. On the one hand, being able to watch tropical fish swim right by you while you’re relaxing on the bed sounds amazing. On the other, having fish stare at you while you do your business in the bathroom is a little bit unsettling. They’ve also got conference rooms, and dining rooms attached to the giant aquarium, so you literally cannot escape the fishy view.

Indoor Aquarium Connected to Suites

Image: My Modern Met

Considering that Dubai has a history of going overboard, this incredibly lavish hotel is pretty much on par with what you’d expect. The hotel cost a staggering $1.1 billion to build, it has over 1,500 rooms, and it’s connected to mainland Dubai by its own private monorail.

As awesome as this hotel is, you may want to visit Atlantis before it’s too late. Many of Dubai’s manmade islands are sinking into the sea, so this hotel might have a watery grave in its near future. In retrospect, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to name a hotel after a mythological city that sank into the ocean.

View of the Aquarium at the Atlantis Hotel

Image: My Modern Met


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