Walk on Water (Kinda) With Hydrofloor Pools

Descent of the Hydrofloor Panel

Image: Hydrofloor

I’m a guy, and that means that I love secret compartments. When I was young, I would make fortresses out of blankets with concealed entrances, hide my things all over my room, and delight in the secret hiding spot behind the row of bushes in our yard. There’s just something about hidden spaces that brings out the kid in me. So, needless to say, my interest was piqued when I heard about hidden swimming pools.

Hydrofloors is a company that designs, well, hydrofloors. And if you couldn’t guess based on the name alone, hydrofloors are basically pools that emerge from the floor… or a floor that transforms into a pool. It’s hard to say, really, because there really isn’t anything else like Hydrofloors out there.

First off, dispel the notion you might have that this is just a normal swimming pool with a panel over the top of it. Nope, wrong. It is a normal floor that becomes a swimming pool. What do I mean by that, exactly? Well, the floor actually descends, allowing water to gradually spill up over the sides and cover the top of the panel. Once the panel descends to its normal depth, you’ll have a full swimming pool. Probably the coolest thing about it is that, next to the pool, a set of panels descend in staggered steps to create a convenient staircase into the pool.

A Closed Hydrofloor

Image: Fast Company

The advantages of Hydrofloors are fairly obvious. Whenever you don’t want your giant swimming pool taking up all of your space, you can just press a button and transform it into a sun bathing area, patio, or whatever else you want. It’s for those millionaires out there who want a swimming pool, but don’t want to give up any precious square-footage. Another neat perk of the Hydropool is that you can customize the depth. Want to go for a swim? Bring the depth down to six or seven feet. Does your five-year-old want to splash around a bit? Bring the depth up to maybe a foot or so. The variable depth makes Hydrofloors much more versatile than conventional swimming pools.

A Hydrofloor and the Descending Staircase

Image: Noble and Royal

But of course, let’s be honest. The main reason why anybody would want a pool like this is just to have a cool secret compartment swimming pool.


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