The Waterbeds of the Future Look Incredibly Impactical

Moat Bed Aquatic Furniture

Image: Dornob

Waterbeds never really caught on. They were an interesting fad, but the fact that your bed could spring a leak and ruin your bedroom really limited their potential. On top of that, they just weren’t very comfortable. I tried laying on one once, and I just couldn’t get used to the rocking motion.

Even though waterbeds have mostly gone the way of the dinosaur, that doesn’t mean that some designers aren’t thinking up new and creative ways to put water back into furniture. These liquid furniture concepts puts an odd twist on the concept of waterbeds. The water is there, and the bed is certainly there, but I’m really not sure if this thing qualifies as a full-blown water bed.

This design places a bed in the center of a moat-like ring of water, presumably to protect you from siege engines and peasant rebellions while you sleep. Well, I think that’s what it’s for, because it’s hard to figure out what other purpose it would serve. It’s much too small to be a practical swimming area, and splashing about in that pool would make your bed damp — and nobody likes sleeping on the wet spot. I mean, maybe it’d be nice to have a place to soak your feet before going to bed?

Water Bed

Image: Tas3d

More than likely, the whole purpose of this design is to just look cool. It does offer a somewhat tranquil image, and it gives you the feeling that you’re sleeping on your very own tiny island. Still, as neat as these features are, I’m not sure if those perks are worth all of the disadvantages. The first one is obvious: having a moat that you need to step over twice every day is inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst. On top of that, the moisture in the air might damage your linens or promote mold growth — not really something you want in the room where you sleep. The water would also serve to help keep the room cool, but that’s kind of a mixed blessing.

Sleeping on Water

Image: Favirm

Another rather bizarre piece of furniture / pool equipment is this aquatic sofa. It sort of combines a La-Z-Boy with a kiddie pool, resulting in a furniture abomination. I mean, seriously, what do you do with something like that? Put it front of your TV? Put it on the patio next to the pool? How on Earth do they combine water with fabrics without ruining the fabric?

Water Sofa Aquatic Furniture

Image: Dornob

I write for an aquatic architecture blog, so clearly I’m a big advocate of bringing H2O into living areas. As much as I’d like for these pieces of aquatic furniture to be more viable, I just can’t imagine buying them and sticking them in my home without constantly worrying about fungus growing on the underside of my mattress.


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