Swim, Play, Lounge, Sunbathe at the Kastrup Sea Bath

Swimmers at the Kastrup Sea Bath

Image: Arch Daily

Yesterday, I covered a nifty looking German floating swimming pool, which allowed swimmers to splash about in chlorinated water, all while being scant inches from the river. As convenient and hygienic as that swimming pool is, sometimes pools like that can kind of miss the point. Sure, the natural bodies of water aren’t the cleanest places on planet Earth, but sometimes we just don’t care. It’s nice to just dive into a product of Mother Nature and genuinely swim with the fishes.

Still, it’s nice having all of the amenities of modern technology. I may want to swim in the ocean, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t also like a private changing room and water fountain.

The Kastrup Sea Bath in Kastrup, Denmark attempts to fuse modern conveniences with untamed natural wilderness. And if you ask me, it does it quite effectively.

Denmark's Kastrup Sea Bath

Image: Arch Daily

The Sea Bath sits on the end of a long dock that stretches out from the shore line. Once visitors make the short trek to the Sea Bath, they’ll find — well, I’m not sure what it is. It’s a hodgepodge of ramps, railings, stairs, seats, climbing areas, diving zones, and everything else that you could possibly imagine.

A View from the Kastrup Sea Bath

Image: Arch Daily

In fact, that’s a lot of the appeal. Are you an elderly swimming enthusiast who wants to lounge about and go for an easy swim? In that case, the seats and the gradual ramp descending into the ocean are great for you. If you’re a young kid who wants to romp about, then the whole structure is like a veritable jungle gym. It really does have something for everyone.

The semi-circle shape focuses the sunlight, blocks the wind, and invites passers-by on the beach to check it out. The Sea Bath is open to the public at all hours, free of charge.

Kastrup Sea Bath Swimming Area

Image: Arch Daily

It’s really a shame that you don’t see public swimming areas like this more often. Just the other day, I was at the beach with a few friends. We spotted a long dock and went over to it, only to find that it was taped off because a few boards were missing. It was a shame — and even if we could have gotten onto it, it wasn’t a dock that accommodated swimmers. Surprisingly, most dock structures near the water’s edge focus more on sight-seeing, public events, and fishing more than swimming. Hopefully, we’ll see more structures like the Kastrup Sea Bath in the near future.

Water Level View of the Kastrup Sea Bath

Image: Arch Daily


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