Relax in Style in Aquaria Grande's Private Infinity Pools

Aquaria Grande Private Balcony Infinity Pool

Image: News

Here’s an almost universal truth: people love infinity pools. The optical illusion of a sheer drop-off, paired with the fact that it seems to defy physics, makes infinity pools a nearly irresistible feature of many high-class hotels. Normally, you have to ride an elevator to the roof of such a building if you want to take a dip in one of these pools, but what if you could have your very own infinity pool right off of your apartment?

Envisioned by the James Law architecture firm and the Wadhwa Group, this conceptual design for a Mumbai apartment complex, Aquaria Grande, holds a set of miniature infinity pools for every single apartment. The transparent sides add to the illusion of floating water, while the open balcony offers a beautiful view of the surroundings. These pools may not be very large, but the fact that they’re completely private more than makes up for it. Well, “private” in the sense that nobody else can access it, not private in the sense that nobody can see you. It might actually make a lot of swimmers feel like a human goldfish.

Rooftop of the Mumbai Apartment Complex Aquaria Grande

Image: News

For the more avid swimmers out there, Aquaria Grande also holds an enormous common swimming pool situated beneath an artificial park. There, you’d be able to do a few laps and splash around with your neighbors. These features pretty much make this the dream apartment building for anybody who loves to swim. As neat as these private pools are, there are actually a couple of problems that might not be immediately noticeable. First off, most infinity pools feature a secondary safety zone over the lip of the pool so that anybody or thing that accidentally goes over the edge will be caught. These private pools don’t have that feature, so you definitely wouldn’t want to let your kids swim in one without supervision.

The Aquaria Grande Apartment Towers

Image: News

Also, I worry about the view for the people living on the bottom floor. The safety catchthat I just mentioned also catches water that goes over the edge. The pools in these images do not seem to have a water catcher, which means that splashing in the pool will send the extra water spilling down to the street. If enough people on the floors above you are in their pools, there may very well be an endless trickling of water through your view of the city. I’ll admit that I love the idea of a private infinity pool, but these pools would be dramatically improved if the designers included more comprehensive safety measures.

Interior of the Aquaria Grande Apartments

Image: News


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