Interview with +Pool Creator, Dong-Ping Wong

Concept Art of the Floating +Pool


One of the inventive minds behind New York’s +Pool, which is currently in the works, agreed to sit down for a quick interview with us and share his thoughts about the evolution of the +Pool project. You can check out the old article here. So, without much further ado, meet Dong-Ping Wong!

Okeanos Group: What makes +Pool special?
Dong-Ping Wong: It’s a plus shaped floating pool that filters river water for everyone.

OG: There’s a big difference between coming up with a new idea and going through the steps to make it a reality. What inspired you to actually strive towards creating +Pool?
DPW: Basically, it came down to WHY NOT?  There was never a distinct point where we decided to ‘make it real’, it just started happening.  It’s been constantly exciting so there’s really no reason to stop.

+Pool Concept Art for New York City


OG: Have you encountered any unexpected or surprising obstacles since coming up with this idea?
DPW: Everything?  That is to say that we didn’t have any expectations or honestly understanding of how a project like this could be fulfilled since there isn’t much of a precedent for it.  So virtually every step and every success, from the team to the technology to the meetings with the governmnent – and of course the public support –  has been a surprise.

A Rendering of the Swimming Area at the +Pool


OG: Were you surprised by the amount of support that you’ve received so far?
DPW: Very.  It’s always nice to see that other people are as excited about your work as you are.

Floating +Pool Concept Art


OG: New York City isn’t known for having the cleanest waterways. Is it difficult trying to overcome the public conception of dirty river water to get people excited about a river water filtration system?
DPW: Yes and no.  The project is as much about changing the psychology of the city when it comes to the waterways as it is about the engineering and technology that makes it possible.  Naturally, that’s something that you don’t expect to happen overnight.  At the same time there’s an accelerating push now, not just in New York but virtually every major metropolis around the world, to really take care of and use existing natural resources in the best way possible.  It might not be for everyone, but our pool isn’t so big anyways.

Rendering of Swimmers Lounging at the New York +Pool


OG: Is there anything readers can do to help?
DPW: For now just stay in touch either through our mailing list at or our twitter @pluspoolny.  We’ll be launching a public support campaign this summer and the more people that can help grow the momentum of the pool the better.


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