Bringing Your Fish Tank into the Age of Information with the Blackreef Control

Blackreef Aquarium Controller


Technology’s a great thing, isn’t it? I can chat with somebody on the other side of the planet, look up anything that interest me on the Internet, and activate my car with a touch of a button from thousands of miles away. All of this remote access is making our lives easier, so why can’t aquarium hobbyists get in on the action too?

Well, they will be able to soon with the upcoming release of the Blackreef aquarium control system. At first glance, you’d probably think that this thing is an iPhone with an app installed, but it actually isn’t — it’s a completely self-contained device that exists entirely to control your aquarium systems. Considering how absurdly popular smartphones are and how easy they are to use, the Blackreef aquarium controller should offer an intuitive way to finely tune your aquarium.

Layout of the Blackreef Main Module Features


The controller is designed to interface with all of the complicated doo-dads and gizmos in your aquarium. Rather than manually altering the specifications of your filters and reading your aquarium sensors one-by-one, the Blackreef device will put all of that information in one spot.

Want to know your pH levels? Check the Blackreef. Interested in knowing the temperature? That’s on there, too. When you find that any of your levels are a tad off, all you have to do is adjust the configuration of your aquarium gear.

Available Blackreef Control Features


This functionality also allows users to create pre-programmed settings. For example, you could have all of your aquarium equipment configured for a daytime setup, and then press a button to switch all of the devices into nighttime mode.

It’s hard to understate the usefulness of a device like this. Aquarium equipment is by far the most important feature of any aquarium. Even if just one of these systems fail, the entire aquarium ecosystem could go kaput. Probably the greatest thing about the Blackreef is that you can hook it up to the Internet, so you can control your aquarium from anywhere on Earth. If you’re off in vacation in Mali and your water temperature gets a little high, all you have to do is press a button to fix the problem. Or, if you miss your gilled companions, you could always set them up with a social media account and chat with your goldfish over Twitter. Before long, your favorite pet fish may even become a Facebook expert. But if your aquatic pals would rather swim around than engage in social media, at least you’ll know they’re doing it in a safe and perfectly calibrated environment thanks to your Blackreef.


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