How Ze Germans Build Tanks: Ze Jellyflap

Econlux Jellyflap Tank

Image: econlux.ed

Jellyfish are jerks. They like to drift around the ocean stinging any swimmer that gets close to it. Some jellyfish, like Australia’s box jellyfish, are such tremendous jerks that they will deliver one of the most painful wounds in the animal kingdom.

The only thing about jellyfish that makes up for their jerkiness is the fact that they’re beautiful — they’re lovely in the same way that a thorny rose is alluring. You want to get closer, but you know that it’s dangerous.

Two Econlux Jellyflap Tanks With Varying LED Colors


But alas, jellyfish and the aquarium hobby don’t go perfectly well together. Jellyfish are defined as a zooplankton, which is a creature that cannot swim against a tide or current. That’s particularly important for aquarists because jellyfish will get sucked up into your tank’s pumps, killing the jellyfish and everything else in the tank along with them. Plus, they’ll just sting anything else in the tank with them. What jerks!

Luckily, a few companies have managed to circumvent the whole clogged jellyfish dilemma and have developed tanks that can actually hold the gelatinous creatures. Econlux, a German company, primarily focuses on creating lighting implements. They dipped their toes into the aquarium hobby by developing this Jellyflap tank, an aquarium specifically designed to hold jellyfish. Now, I’m not sure if this is just them being goofy or if it’s their German translators employing a shaky grasp of the English language, but their flyer promises that you will “be flapscinated!”

Be Flapscinated!

Image: jellyflap.ed

The tank has an interesting design with its clock-like face and stark black and white color combination, which is certainly de rigueur for modern art nowadays. At first glance it honestly doesn’t look like an aquarium at all, and if not for the fact that you’re reading an aquarium blog you’d probably think that the device is electronic, like some circular iPad constantly looping a screensaver.

Well, it’s not. Those tiny blobs drifting around the inside of that black disc are Aurelia aurita, better known as the “moon jelly.” Their vibrant colors come from LEDs in the tank (Econlux is a light manufacturer, after all).

German Jellyflap tank by Econlux


The jellyflap is an interesting piece for aquarists. For the truly hardcore aquarium enthusiasts, its small size and unique niche won’t do a very good job of satisfying the fish itch. Though, it’s sure to find a few buyers who are looking for slightly more unorthodox pets. Normally I’m the type of guy to prefer a home aquarium to an office aquarium, but I feel like keeping these guys on your desk would be a good spot for them. They’re trendy enough to fit right in at most modern offices, small enough not to get in the way, and cool enough to make your coworkers jealous.


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