Good Things in Small Packages: 5 Itsy-Bitsy Micro Aquariums

Tiny Aquariums


The way technology works smaller is usually better. We tend to throw money at companies that can deliver the same power and functionality in devices that are half the size. That trend doesn’t translate perfectly to world of aquariums, though there are a select group of hobbyists who adore micro aquariums. But here’s the big question: how small can they get? Here’s a breakdown of some of the smallest aquariums out there.

5. Mason Jar Tank

Mason Jar Fish Tank

This aquarium is so small that you’d probably glance at it and not even realize that there are fish in it. While I think that the fish might feel a little cramped, I love the balance between the beautiful flowers and the eye-catching fish. The small size of the aquarium ensures that the fish aren’t fighting against the flowers to get the viewer’s attention.

4. The iPond

The iPond Fish Tank


Perfect for fish who love music and hate elbow room (or fin room), the iPond is a truly minuscule portable aquarium. It doesn’t just look like an Apple iPod; it acts like one, too. It comes with a built-in speaker and a headphone jack. The only thing it’s missing is cloud technology! I know that Siamese fighting fish are accustomed to tiny fish tanks, but this one might just be taking it a little too far.

3. The Light Bulb

Light Bulb Aquarium


You know what I’m thinking? Grab one of these tanks, fill it with a glow-in-the-dark cichlid, and you’ve got the world’s coolest nightlight.

2. Fabio Yoshida’s Flower-Tube Aquarium

Flower-Tube Aquarium


This thing looks like a mad science experience gone right. The creator claims that he simply grabbed a cheap tube-shaped flower pot that he picked up at a furniture store, filled it with sand substrate, and then used aquarium tweezers to plant the plant bulb. I bet you could throw this together for under $30. You could hand out one of these to each of your friends and family members for an unexpected green gift.

1. The World’s Smallest Aquarium

Measuring in at 3 x 2.4 x 1.4 cm, this micro aquarium contains just 10 ml of water and a few minuscule zebrafish. I love the adorable little net he uses to introduce the zebrafish. What’s so utterly amazing about this aquarium is that it actually has its own tiny bubbler, so it can sustain its inhabitants indefinitely — well, until the fish outgrow the tank, at least. And judging by its size that really shouldn’t take long.


2 thoughts on “Good Things in Small Packages: 5 Itsy-Bitsy Micro Aquariums

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  2. Ken

    I am using a 1.75 Liter etched rum bottle for an aquarium. One Betta per bottle. Would like to airate and filter water. Would like to use external tank for heating and airating water and looking for a filter with pump to move water. Need minimum airation and pumping. Any thoughts?


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