5 Stunning Aquariums That Can Help Melt Your Stress Away

The Enchanted Garden

Image source: Aquascapers.wordpress.com

Today is Friday, so you know what that means: relaxation day! OK, it may not be a national holiday like Independence Day or anything, but I’m feeling particularly loosey-goosey today and I thought I’d share that with you. You feeling tense? Stressed about work? The heat getting to you? Well, allow me to supply you with a 500-word chill pill that will help you manage your stress.

A while ago, I covered the beautiful aquarium art of Takashi Amano. Just looking at one of his creations will cause your stress to slowly dissolve. Most of the aquariums I’m featuring today follow a different but similar technique that relies on dense plant life to create lush, verdant aquascapes. So sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy.

I can’t say I’m in love with the camerawork on this next video, but the gorgeous tank more than makes up for it. I think the splash of red in the middle of the tank was a nice artistic touch. It serves to draw the eye inward, but it’s not so centered that it makes the plant arrangement feel artificial.

This next tank is like an underwater forest. The plantlife is positively overgrown, making it look as though this were a natural scene that you could find out in the middle of any tropical lake. Of course, all of the plants are artfully arranged to balance between apparent chaos and subtle balance. It’s a brilliant piece all in itself, but I’m sucked in by all the green (my favorite color). The tank almost seems to glow with just how absurdly green it is.

Up next, we’ve got this stunning replica of the Amazon River. How do I know it replicates the Amazon? Well, that’s easy. If you read yesterday’s article, you’d know the discus fish in this tank hail from the jungles of South America.

What sets this tank apart is the contrast between the fish and the aquarium. Usually, tanks like these put all of the attention on the plants and then just add in the fish as an afterthought, kind of like a sprig of parsley next to a steak. In this tank, however, the calming background is the polar opposite of the neon-colored discus fish. It makes the whole tank feel simultaneously exciting and calming.

The title of this tank is “Forgotten World 2,” but this doesn’t seem like the type of place that somebody would forget about. It’s simply beautiful, even though the xylophone music is a bit of an odd match. Here’s what I want to know: why don’t any of these videos play Camille Saint-Saëns’ Aquarium? Would that just be too obvious?

This one kind of looks like a treetop canopy, wouldn’t you say? The plumes of green leaves remind me of bushes or treetops, and the tree-like structure in the back left of the aquarium really completes the forest aesthetic.


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