This Orsos Island Yacht is Part Boat, Part Island

Orsos Island Yacht

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Everybody on earth has at some point dreamed of living on a private island. They’re secluded, absolutely gorgeous, and they represent the pinnacle of financial achievement. Unfortunately, not all of us can be like Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg, looking down on the rest of the world from atop a giant pile of money. Buying a private island is something that only ultra-rich billionaires can ever pull off.

The dream of owning your very own private island has just gotten a little bit closer, though. For the low price of $4.6 million, you can be the proud owner of an Orsos Island. OK, I’ll admit that dropping the price from billions of dollars to millions of dollars is kind of like saying, “You may not be able to fly to Mars, but you can still try flying to the Moon — it’s so much closer!” I’ll still take “theoretically possible” over “a snowball’s chance in Hell” any day of the week.

Aerial View of the Orsos Island Yacht

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Besides, it’s not really feasible to buy a private island nowadays. No, I’m not experiencing sour grapes, I’m referring to the environment. Some tropical islands, like those of the Maldives, are slowly sinking beneath the ever-rising tides. Pouring billions of dollars into a rock out in the middle of the ocean might turn into a silly investment if it could get swallowed up by the sea in a few decades.

That’s what makes these Orsos Island boats so appealing. They are a line of luxury yacht/islands that allow boat owners to take a little piece of the Caribbean with them wherever they go.

Rendering of the Orsos Island at a Beach

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Don’t let the name and the greenery fool you. Orsos Islands are about 90% boat and only about 10% island. It’s got a motor, a captain’s room, living quarters, an anchor, and pretty much everything else you’d expect to see on a huge boat.

But what about that remaining 10%? If these are entirely man-made and can be sailed to anywhere on Earth, is the island name just a marketing gimmick? Well, not exactly. The features of Orsos Islands make these boats very island-like in that they are almost entirely self sustainable. Those giant wing-like panels aren’t just there to supply shade; they collect enough sunlight to power the ship.

Orsos Island Scale Comparison

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Orsos Islands also utilize wind energy and suck up heat from the surface of the water to power the boat’s heating and air conditioning system. All of these systems working in concert will generate more power than 13 people (the yacht’s recommended maximum allowance) can reasonably use, even if you’re blasting the stereo, charging your cell phone, and using your electric mixer to make margaritas at the same time. All of that excess energy either gets pumped into the ship’s batteries, or it runs the on-board desalination machine. You’ll have more than enough clean water for beverages, showers, or to fill your on-deck Jacuzzi.

The whole self-sustaining, island-upon-itself vibe is backed up by the gardens that are spread out across the the deck of the ship. The greenery will naturally beautify the ship and provide shade for the inhabitants. All you’re really missing at that point is a few bags of sand to spread across the deck, and you’ll pretty much have your very own tropical island.


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