5 Bizarre Water Fountains from Around the World

Bizarre Water Fountain

Image source: Okeanosgroup.com

People love water fountains. We can’t help it — it’s psychologically built into us. You see, running water indicates a fresh source of water, which means that this would be the perfect spot for you and your cavebuddies to set up shop. That love of running water has been passed on to the modern generation. Thanks to the marvels of modern plumbing, we no longer need to march through miles of wilderness in order to find sources of clean drinking water. We still crave running water, so we fill that hole in our lives with water fountains.

Today, we’re going to take a look at water fountains that are so beautiful that they would surely bring tears to the eyes of our thirsty cavemen ancestors.

5. Banpo Bridge

Banpo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea utilizes 9,380 nozzles to spray out colorful, wing-like fountain sprays on either side of the bridge. We’ve all heard the story of Moses parting the Red Sea — this is probably what it would feel like to drive through it.

Banpo Bridge south Korea

Image source: Weburbanist.com

As neat as this bridge is, I don’t really get it. First off, one of the reasons that they built this bridge was to promote tourism. Why would the capital of a country need to increase tourism? Wouldn’t the city automatically be a hotspot by virtue of how important it is? The other thing that’s confusing about the bridge is that it seems dangerous. I’ve driven over a few bridges that have signs urging drivers to keep their eyes on the road. Creating colorful light fountains along a bridge is just asking for an accident and several hours of backed-up traffic.

Banpo Bridge in Seoul

Image source: Strangebuildings.com

It is awfully pretty, though.

4. Charybdis

I’m a big fan of ancient Greek mythology, so I immediately recognize that odd name. For those of you out there who have never read the Odyssey, Charybdis was an all-consuming whirlpool off the coast of Sicily. Sailors would have to skirt along the edges of the whirlpool in order to avoid the many-headed monster Scylla, who would eat sailors whole.

Charybdis Water Fountain in England

Image source: Weburbanist.com

It’s easy to see the comparison between this fountain and the ancient Greek terror of the sea. This fountain isn’t quite big enough to sink a Grecian longboat, but its vortex pattern is still pretty neat.

The fountain was designed by British sculptor William Pye, and it currently rests before the entrance of Seaham Hall in Sunderland, England.

3. Tropism Well

This friendly-looking fountain slowly fills up with water before the weight pulls it downward to offer passers-by a cool, refreshing drink. It’s a bit reminiscent of one of those drinking bird toys, but its leisurely pace almost makes it appear humble. It’s got kind of a zen-like, Asian vibe going on, don’t you think? You can even spot a few people bowing to the fountain, as if in thanks for the offering. If only all fountains were this nice.

2. The Big Giving

The Big Giving Fountain

Image source: Copyplease.blogspot.com

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a porcelain man covered in a rock cocoon vomited a constant stream of water across the streets of London? Well, wonder no more! Klaus Weber’s water fountain include statues vomiting, urinating, and sweating profusely from their armpits.

Armpit Sweating Fountains in London

Image source: Copyplease.blogspot.com

1. Car Fountain

A Roman motorist accidentally ran over a fire hydrant, and the car fountain has been running ever since. Luckily, the driver escaped without being injured.

Car Fountain in Rome

Image source: Copyplease.blogspot.com

You’re not really that gullible, are you? Spanish artist Juan Galdeano created this piece with a very specific message in mind. Take a few moments to study the picture and try to figure out the meaning behind it. Give up? It’s supposed to raise awareness about environmentalism and global warming. I’m sure that was your next guess.

Rome's Car Fountain

Image source: Copyplease.blogspot.com


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