5 More Bizarre Water Fountains

Bizarre Water Fountains

Image source: Weburbanist.com

While I was spelunking through the murky depths of the Internet, I came across a bunch of other strange, beautiful, and quirky water fountains that didn’t quite make the cut into yesterday’s article. After reflecting on it for a bit, I’ve decided to expand the list to include five more quirky fountains.

Water Whirler

Imagined by New Zealand sculptor Len Lye, this one-of-a-kind fountain consists of a long, flexible pole with holes for water jets. The pole wiggles provocatively as bars spin near the base of the structure, resulting in dancing water streams.

I’m not really sure what to make of this one. It reminds me of so many different things all at once that my brain can’t figure out what it looks like. The long central stem resembles a tree trunk and the water streams look like branches, so the whole structure reminds me of some kind of leaky tree. At the same time, the way that it spins almost makes it seem like it’s alive and moving like some sort of snake or overgrown worm. It’s beautiful and just plain weird.

El Alamein Fountain

El Alamein Fountain

Image source: Wikipedia.org

No, this fountain doesn’t represent dandelions — it’s a memorial in Sydney that commemorates the fallen Australian soldiers of World War II. It was built by Aussie Bob Woodward, and you can find it at the city park Fitzroy Gardens. Despite its obvious similarity to a common weed, it’s really quite stunning.

Australia's WWII Monument Fountain

Image source: Bugbitten.com


For those of you who don’t know German, that name translates loosely into “Child Eater Fountain.” Because, you know, nothing quite says “art” like a giant statue of an ogre chowing down on crying babies. You can tell that this fella is pretty hungry — he’s got a few snacks stored away in his pack for later.


Image source: Abovetopsecret.com

So, what’s the story behind this nightmare-inducing fountain? It was built by Swiss sculptor Hans Gieng back in the 15th century, but little about the fountain is known past that. Some think that it’s a reference to frightening fairy tales, while others claim that it’s a depiction of an ancient Greek god.

Baby Eater Fountain

Image source: Wikipedia.org

The Breast Fountain on Earth

I don’t know what’s in this lady’s diet, but she really needs to tone it down a little bit.

The Mermaid of Bologna

Image source: Copyplease.blogspot.com

This titillating fountain is in Bologna, Italy and features a mermaid perpetually milking herself. Most visitors try to appreciate the fountain with a straight face, but the spray is just so effusive that it’s hard to take it seriously. Any mer-baby trying to feed at this overactive mermaid would have milk coming out of its ears.

Castle Square Fountain

Blood Fountain in Wales

Image source: Listverse.com

For 356 days out of the year, this fountain in Swansea, Wales isn’t particularly remarkable. For those remaining nine days starting on St. David’s Day (Welsh St. Patrick’s Day) and continuing until March 9, the fountain is dyed a deep red.

Blood Fountain Sign

Image source: tfrancis.co.uk

Its appearance has unsurprisingly earned it the nickname, “Blood Fountain.” It looks like something you’d see out of Stephen King’s The Shining, but without the creepy twins and a Jack Nicholson popsicle.


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