Using Water as Your Paintbrush and Light as Your Paint with LED Art

Water Light Graffiti

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The world has gone absolutely crazy over LED water lights. We’ve already seen these glowing aquatic art pieces, and these two LED river displays. A French artist hopped onto the flickering, softly-glowing bandwagon by creating a public art piece that combines water, art, and graffiti.

You ever visit a park or a mall and see a giant black chalkboard with a few shards of chalk sitting nearby? These boards act as community art pieces where people can draw or write whatever they want, though typically it’s just a collage of smiley faces and “John was here.”

Public Aquatic Art

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Artist Antonin Fourneau of Poitiers, France spent three weeks creating this Water Light Graffiti installation. Basically, he replaced the chalkboard with a screen of thousands of LEDs and the chalk with water. I don’t know how he did it, but he engineered this digital art wall to glow on contact with water. As a result, members of the public can “paint” with just about anything they want — a glass of water, a spray battle, a painbrush, a water gun, or whatever else they choose to use.

The very idea of painting with water is cool enough on its own, but what makes the idea so clever is that it can easily accommodate a wide range of amateur artists. Water will drip away or dry within moments, so you won’t have to worry about trying to find a tiny square inch of space amidst a Jackson Pollock-esque mess of other peoples’ art. Pieces won’t stay up for more than five minutes or so, and even then the lights can be deactivated at will.

French Digital Aquatic Art

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And because it’s digital, the Water Light Graffiti wall could potentially store art pieces. It could have a reoccurring message pop up on holidays, or it could display the same artwork that somebody did exactly one year ago. Pretty neat, huh?

Fourneau is optimistic about the art piece, and based on the video its safe to say the public adores it, too. Fourneau christened it as “a wall for ephemeral messages in the urban space without deterioration. A wall to communicate and share magically in the city.”

But it would be unfair to give Fourneau all of the credit. He got a helping hand from Digitalarti Artlab, engineer Jordan McRae, Guillaume Stagnaro, and a few others. I suppose it would also be fair to thank the citizens of Poitiers — without them, this wall would be nothing more than a dull, black screen.

Glowing aquatic architecture art is getting so popular that they’re going to have to come up with a new name for. Let’s try to brainstorm a few ideas… LED2O? Aquartic? I’m not sure — I can’t think of anything that really rolls off the tongue. It would nice if the words “light,” “architecture,” and “water” rhymed or something.

A Child Creating Glowing LED Aqua Art

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4 thoughts on “Using Water as Your Paintbrush and Light as Your Paint with LED Art

  1. Steve

    Many people label graffiti paintings as vandalism but I think this particular kind of it could finally make a positive impression on them. What immediately came to my mind when I saw the pictures was the so-called Graffiti Panel that is about to be established here in Toronto to check the city walls and deem the paintings either art or vandalism. However, I am afraid the panel members might be prejudiced which would mean that each and every graffiti painting in Toronto could very easily be removed and an important part of our city’s artistic creation would thus be lost. Do they really think this is the best way to fight vandalism?

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  4. Vernon

    This amazing blog post, “Using Water as Your Paintbrush and Light as Your Paint with LED Art
    – Okeanos Aquascaping Blog” z-ita demonstrates that you really comprehend precisely what you r speaking
    about! I really entirely agree with your post. With thanks ,Jaqueline


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