Sleep With the Fish in Dubai's Underwater Hotel

Water Discus Underwater Hotel

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I’ve seen some crazy things over the course of writing for this blog, from floating megacities to research facilities designed to rest on the ocean floor. Usually, these wacky designs are more of a mental exercise than a legitimate attempt to drum up some funding and build a floating New York. After all, we’re still working on floating houses, so we’re only in the baby steps of aquatic architecture.

Well, the Polish firm Deep Ocean Technology is prepared to sprint into the future with its incredibly ambitious Water Discus Hotel. Take a look for yourself:

Deep Ocean Technology Hotel

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The enormous, UFO-esque discs would hover several stories above the surface of the water, providing a wonderful view of the Persian Gulf off the coast of Dubai. These discs would hold all the amenities of a basic hotel, including a diving center, a spa, garden areas, and an above water terrace. The top-most disc would act as a helipad for your extremely expensive airfare (don’t forget to tip your helicopter pilot on the way out).

The lower-most level is where things start to get crazy. See that disc on the sea floor? It’s slated to contain guest rooms — 21 stories beneath the surface of the water. Guests would also be able to load up in underwater vehicles and drive across the ocean floor.

Underwater Dubai Hotel

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Deep Ocean Technology clearly has their work cut out for them. On the bright side, though, they seem to have thought things through. The column design allows the hotel to adapt to fluctuating water levels. Because all the important stuff is either very high or very low, it doesn’t matter if the water rises or falls a few feet. That versatility, combined with the fact that the discs are all interchangeable, make the Water Discus Hotel viable in multiple locations all across the world. Assuming that this hotel doesn’t become a real-life Atlantis, we could see other WDH’s popping up at a coast near you.

Helicopter Pad on the Water Discus Hotel

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Deep Ocean Technology also hopes to quiet environmentalists with their promise that these hotels would promote the growth of reefs. That’s not just a marketing gimmick — scientists have discovered that concrete makes a great surface for coral. These hotels could become a hotspot for vacationers and tropical fish alike.

Of course, all of this depends on whether or not it gets built. Judging by the complicated logistics, the fact that many Dubai projects have died halfway through, and the undoubtedly steep price tag, it’s reasonable to assume that the Water Discus Hotel is destined for failure.

Water Discus Hotel

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Deep Ocean Technology may quickly find themselves in over their heads. After all, you don’t have to spend berjillions of dollars and strap on scuba gear to bring people closer to the ocean. The easier solution is to spend only a tiny fraction of that on an aquarium or backyard pond. At least then you don’t have to worry about your bedroom sinking into Davey Jones’ locker in the middle of the night.


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