5 Great Places to Keep Your Aquarium

Salt Water Aquarium Fish

Image source: Picturesofanimals.in

Figuring out where you’re going to keep your aquarium is a big decision. They’re so huge, heavy, and difficult to set up that you definitely don’t want to move them around. In fact, the most beautiful aquariums are semi-permanent installations that are more like pieces of furniture than anything else. Check out these suggestions if you’re thinking about having Okeanos Group add a beautiful aquarium to a living space.

The Office

Keeping an aquarium in your office provides a couple of useful benefits. First of all, watching the fish tranquilly drift around in the aquarium can help relieve some of the stress from your work day. A beautiful aquarium can also attract customers, especially if you own a business that’s associated with water, such as a boating club or a seafood restaurant. Aquariums might be a little bit pricey, but they could eventually pay themselves off if enough people promote your business through word of mouth: “You should go to that seafood restaurant down the street. They’ve got great atmosphere and a beautiful aquarium — perfect for a date.”

Living Room

This tends to be the default option for a lot of aquarium owners. Putting the aquarium in a central room of the house will allow you to enjoy it all hours of the day. It will also give you a chance to show off your creation to your buddies. After all, if you’re going to spend hours painstakingly cultivating your aquascape, then you should be able to brag about all your hard work!

The Bedroom

The bedroom is useful for two things: resting and — ahem — that other thing. Aquariums can be both relaxing and romantic, so a bedroom aquarium can help set the mood no matter what you have planned for the evening.

Fish in the Bedroom

Image source: Hotel-pictures.net

Next to Your Front Door

Placing an aquarium here might sound a little bit silly, but if you’re from Asia then you might already be familiar with this technique. Feng Shui suggests that you keep aquariums near your front door because they absorb negative vibrations. I personally don’t believe in the spiritual aspect of Feng Shui, but you don’t have to believe in its principles in order to benefit from its aesthetic. Feng Shui is both a spiritual practice and a style — and I have to say that houses built with Feng Shui are absolutely beautiful.

In Your Kid’s Room

I’m a big believer in pets for children. They teach kids responsibility, they provide companionship, and a whole host of other benefits. Installing an aquarium in your kid’s room can help cultivate curiosity, especially if you’re kid gets a kick out of science and the natural world. Just try to balance the size of the aquarium with the age of your child. The bigger the aquarium, the more likely it is that you will need to help your kid perform maintenance on the tank. Younger kids probably wouldn’t mind, but teenagers might throw a fit if you need to come into their room all the time to check on the tank.

Kids with Fish

Image source: Deliciousbaby.com


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