This Water Tower Was Converted into a High-Rise Apartment

Belgian Water Tower Home

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I remember way back in grade school I had a homework assignment where I was supposed to write about my room. Each student wrote four paragraphs, with each paragraph corresponding to a wall of his room. The next day we got together to talk about our homework and I was completely blown away because one of the students had eight paragraphs. You see, her family just happened to live in a lighthouse, which had eight walls instead of using a conventional square-shaped design. I remember thinking, “What?! People can live in lighthouses?! I wanna live in a lighthouse!”

That’s one of the first instances I can remember of the world challenging my preconceptions. Nowadays, I’m always exited to find out about a piece of architecture that challenges norms and approaches conventional architectural concepts in innovative ways. And today we’re getting into truly bizarre territory with this water tower house.

Water Tower Home

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If you’re anything like me, then the last thing you think of when you see a water tower is, “Man, I’d love to live there.” They’re usually not the prettiest things in the world and they tend to stick out like a metallic sore thumb. The folks at Crepain Binst Architecture had a different idea. They converted this concrete-and-metal water tower into the ultimate bachelor pad.

The building features five rooms/floors stacked vertically on top of each other with a set of stairs leading up to the next level. Walking up and down those stairs every day might seem like a pain, but the view more than makes up for it. Each floor is wrapped in semi-transparent glass that gives the inhabitants a panoramic view of the surroundings. The top-most floor acts as a sort of greenhouse for a winter garden that will bloom in the chilly Belgian air.

Water Tower Home Bedroom

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But I’m sure you’re wondering, “What about the water tank?” They emptied the tank and drilled a hole in the bottom of it so that it can act as a kind of attic. That kind of begs the question: what would you do with a water tank attic? Store boxes and old clothes up there? Throw parties? Set up an entertainment center? You could always go the Okeanos Group route and install a beautiful aquarium. The windowless metal drum would be the perfect home for species of fish that live in the depths of the ocean and can’t handle a lot of light.

Hole into Water Tower

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I absolutely love this water tower home, though I’m still not quite sure that I’d want to live there. The architect stuck with a grey, industrial aesthetic as an homage to the original water tower. This abode certainly cool, but I wouldn’t call it warm.

Water Tower Home Interior

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